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Dragon Dreaming comes to Nepal


Kathmandu, February 20, 2017: Dragon Dreaming, a playful and powerful collaborative project design workshop is set to be held in Nepal from this March 3-5. Being organized in coordination with Tandava Theatre, the session seeks to help one to Dream, Plan, Do and Celebrate any project, including their life. The workshop combines the most modern tools of project design, group communication and work and ancient aboriginal wisdom.

Dragon Dreaming is a tool to get companies to build resilient and inspiring projects, and can be applied to various purposes, both for undertaking a project, the creation of new products or services and the implementation of structural changes and vision within an organization. The workshop seeks to take one out of their comfort zone to reach our maximum creativity, adopting at the same time a culture of win-win and authentic communication.

Similar kind of workshop has already been organized in more than 30 countries, including Brazil, Germany, Spain, Chile, France, Thailand, Vietnam, and Switzerland. And, the course is happening for the first time in Nepal.

Glocal Khabar talked to Julia Ramos Puente, one of the facilitators for the workshop. Excerpts:

How did you come up with the idea of organizing the workshop in Nepal?

Dragon Dreaming for Nepal is the result of the dream of two people. A friend of mine introduced me to Gopal Aryal from Tandava Theatre. One day, Gopal called me and said, “We need to meet urgently today, I have dreamed one thing with you tonight.” Gopal and I met that day, and he shared that he has a dream of organising a Dragon Dreaming workshop with me in Nepal. It’s interesting how this all happened, as just the morning of that same day I thought:  why don’t I facilitate a Dragon Dreaming workshop in Nepal? Life is surprisingly amazing!

Can you please share the meaning of ‘Dragon Dreaming’?

Dragon Dreaming is many things at the same time. To me Dragon Dreaming is about making your dreams come true through the realisation of creative, collaborative and sustainable projects and organisations.  Dragon Dreaming is also “Love in Action” meaning that, we need to build projects for a new world based on a win-win-win culture. It should be a win for the individuals, it should be a win for the groups and communities we are part of, and it should be a win for the planet as a whole.

Dragon Dreaming´s name comes from that Australian Aborigines:

Dragon is a symbol of fire, strength, as well as fear. In order to achieve our highest potential as human beings, we need to use our strength to face our fears.

Dreaming, as believed by the Australian Aborigines, is the time when we, as humans connect to our life as impermanent souls. Everything while dreaming is possible. What if we brought that spirit to our present lives?

Is Dragon Dreaming more like a life coaching course?

Even if Dragon Dreaming can be defined as a project design tool, it is clear that anything we do in life is a project. Our life path is a project, our relationships are projects, our professional careers are projects. Therefore, Dragon Dreaming can be helpful in our lives, for everything that we do. So yes, why not describe it as a life coaching course as well as a project design course?

Who are the target participants for the course? And, who can participate the workshops?

Dragon Dreaming is for everyone. I have had workshops where I had youngsters and grandmothers participating in the same one. They came from different but same reasons at the same time. We are all experiencing our lives and we all want to learn how to navigate them in a smoother way.

Nonetheless, it is ideal for entrepreneurs, or people that feel they want to run away from business as usual. If you feel that there must be another way of doing things, doing business, or working in teams, this is your workshop.

How will the workshop help the participants, and why should one participate it?

If you want to learn how to create sustainable projects; if you want to be empowered and unleash your creativity; if you want to foster positive leadership, open communication, and trust in your life and teams; if you want to create common group visions and strategies for successful project implementation; if you want to do go for yourself, your communities and the world; and if you want to integrate enjoyment and fun in your working processes, this workshop is for you.