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Dream that I live……

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Dream; something which gives a vivid visualization of the life we eagerly want to live. It is something we often think of and we can’t it coming true.

Actually, it is behind all those sleepless nights, all those busy and hardworking days and all those hopeful eyes. For me, a dream is which brings a smile on my lips and a charm on my face. It is that one thing which triggers me every second to go for it and be better than my previous being.

Growing up to become an eighteen years young girl, I dreamt of infinite things; may be of them I don’t even remember. There was a time when a Barbie doll at the toy shop would be on my dream and then there were times I dreamt of living in a fairyland. I then dreamt of being the best among my siblings and later best among my mates. And then there comes the dream I am living for.

I dream of becoming a role model for the females of our society and country and for doing this I choose the medical profession; the field of my keen interest and my passion. I genuinely want to be an inspiration for the entire country and a pride for my family. I know I can do it in various ways but the way I chose was because I think I am made for this. I even can’t explain in words how truly and desperately I want to be a doctor. It’s often said, ‘Dream is not what you see during your sleep but it is that which does not let you sleep.’ I do agree with this because I have been through the sleepless nights working hard to make my dream come true. It’s actually funny but I’ve already prepared the speech I’ll be delivering when I’ll graduate being a doctor. I literally have lava burning inside me waiting to erupt and fetch me what I’ve dreamt of.

Every day I see my country foster ahead and the people here develop. Though in a slow pace, even females are building up their confidence to come forth. At the same time, there are women who are deprived of discovering themselves.

Coming from a remote district of Sarlahi, I have seen the hardship. But I wish to become the inspiration for those women who are deprived of their freedom.

And of course, I dream of being a noble being. I know whatever I’ve dreamt of is not that easy and I’ve not succeeded in many of my attempts. But I do believe that I will make it come true if I don’t give up. The excitement I feel imagining the ‘white coat’ on me and the stethoscope around the neck makes me forget the failures.

I know today its dream for me but tomorrow I’ll be living it and then, it’ll be an inspiration for others. Finally, your dream is not a fairytale. It’s history of someone and future of yours. So, believe in yourself and never give up.

By: Nidhi Singh

Nidhi was awarded Special Jury Award at Dream Writing Competition organized by Women Warriors