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Dreamer and Believer – Arka’s Inspiring Story from Bangladesh


 “I believe in my dream and passion-honesty is my spirit.” - Amiya Prapan Chakraborty (Arka)

Amiya Prapan Chakraborty (Arka) is a youth motivator, entrepreneur of Bangladesh. He is executive director of Dhurbotara Social and Cultural Organisation and convener of Global Youth Entrepreneur Summit 2015, Bangladesh. He completed his masters in Accounting from National University and initiated “Dhrubotara” on 2000. Dhrubotara is a non government- non political, volunteer organization- which is working last 15years in Bangladesh for social & economical development. He is also Vice Chairman of SAARC Youth Association, Director of World Peace Committee

Arka started this organization with a dream to make his country happy and developed, peaceful. Since last 15 years, Dhrubotara is operating without any kind of foreign donation or credit program. Now, Dhrubotara have more than 10,000 youth volunteer members and 5 lakh beneficiary directly working with us.”

His grandmother late Komol Chakraborty & his mother Shibani Chakraborty inspired him to work hard for his community. His struggle, work, advocacy is dedicated for unprivileged groups, people of grassroots.

I strongly believe that, Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit will create a huge positive impact globally, especially on SDG and GEW mandate achievement.In last 15 years, I never expected anyone will come and help me, than I will work. I believed in my dream, my passion, my work and my team with a strong desire to develop my motherland, support my community- not only business, business with ethics. ” says Arka.


In an interview with Glocal Khabar, here is what Arka has to say about Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2015.

  • What is main objective to organise Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit?

Since 2012, we are the top partner of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) for Bangladesh . Dhrubotara strongly believe that, Entrepreneurs are creator. As a developing country, we need more employment, more economical growth and therefore we need to focus on entrepreneurship development. 65% populations are youth in Bangladesh & India- as well as maximum South Asian countries.

Youth are the future and they can change the world with their innovation, strategy, talent and hard work. We need to focus on them, specially we need to ensure youth rights, support their positive creative initiatives and innovations. That’s why we are going to organize Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit on 20-22 November at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • How is preparation going on and how many applications have you received so far?

We have received more than 9000 applications and we will select super 500 youth entrepreneurs.

We have a plan to arrange E-BAT – innovation campaign and competition into all universities and as well as districts, divisional level of the Bangladesh. From the side of government, Ministry of Commerce is supporting us to arrange and also Bangladesh Government. Pinpoint Communication, Daffodil International University are also partnering with us to make it fruitful. We are trying to engage more corporate for fundraising and seeking more support too.

  • What is your expectation from this summit?

We want to create a global platform for youth entrepreneurs, a common platform of new startups for their innovations, ideas and networking. I expect this summit will create a positive impact on SDG achievement and also achieving mandate of Global Entrepreneurship Week. It will empower our youth generation to create a positive world. Specially, we will focus on small and medium enterprises and we will try to engage them on a network for a regular communication and quality improvement.

  • GYESWhat is the main highlight of this summit?

We will focus on eight agenda: Entrepreneurship, ICT & Innovation, Leadership, Human rights & Good Governance, Education for future, Power & Energy, Blue Economy, Green Economy & connectivity, Media & Global Citizenship. We will arrange business to business meeting, entrepreneurship tour, project visit.

It will be a global platform for youth entrepreneurs, innovators and youth leaders from all over the world. It will create a platform for idea showcase, support to new start-ups and initiatives to achieve SDG. Youth entrepreneurs will talk about their experience, inner journey, creative works, new initiatives on their countries – exchange their ideas, network for future joint movements globally. It will promote Bangladesh and GEW, as well as Asia with a new look, new potentials. High officials of Bangladesh government and international community, corporate bodies, successful entrepreneurs from all over the world will participate here.

  • What do you think youths of today lack?

They need patience, passion, right guidance, unity- if these things are missing than we cannot keep them on right track. They need support and also access in policy level.

  • Your message to aspiring youths of today.

“Change yourself- change the world. Please take over the responsibility and don’t expect anyone will do- just work, work and work for your dream, trust on your ability and take the challenge, everything will be possible. I want to see our youth as a progressive, non- communal, leader and global citizen with an ethical humanitarian mind.

Interviewed and written by : Alina Prajapati


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