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Dub your audio in a video at Dublr App

Nepali Dublr App in Google play
Nepali Dublr App in Google play
Nepali Dublr App in Google play
Nepali Dublr App in Google play

Kathmandu, October 7, 2015: Dublr is a cool video messaging app that helps you  to dub your audio to the popular videos and and share with your friends and people you care about . Dub to your favorite movie scene, make your pet talk, create Bad Lip Reading videos, commentaries. The possibilities are endless. Through these dubs, people have entirely a new medium to express themselves and their creativity. Dublr empowers anyone to create new stories with their voice to over the popular videos and share them with the friends.

Dublr is a fun, simple and easy to use app for dubbing your audio to popular videos and sharing it among your friends. It’s amazingly addictive !You can find Dublr in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store where it is a free download.

“Through dublr, people get a new way of expressing themselves and exploring their creativity, which we like to share it via different social media. And because dublr is integrated with many social media, sharing is as easy as eating a cake. Moreover, this app doesn’t see a boundary. Anyone who wants to create amazing contents with the movie clips would find the app interesting. And who doesn’t like movies! “says, Manisha Karmacharya, co-founder of Yellow Nepal.

How to use Dublr app;

Getting started is super easy. you can follow the instructions  and enjoy with it.

1. Pick a video from app, or upload your own.

2. Preview the video and when you are ready dub your voice over it.

3. Share your dubbed videos with your friends via. Facebook, Messenger, Whats App, Viber.

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