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Durga Nath Dahal awarded on the occasion of National Costume Day for his social services


Kathmandu, 2 January, 2018: Shraddawan Nepal’s fifth edition of National Costume Day commemorated social worker Durga Nath Dahal for his social services. Similarly, Director of  Norvic Hospital, Megha Chaudary, was recognized for her services in health sector.

The Chief Guest of the event, veteran historian Satya Mohan Joshi and former minister Lalbabu Pandit presented the accolade to the awardees in the presence of distinguished personalities of the state.

Durga Nath Dahal has been awarded the distinction in order to encourage his activism for protection of animal rights as well as humanitarian services. He has rescued many injured animals from the streets over the years. Not only rescuing them is his work but bringing them home, mending their injuries and sending them to a good hospital is the main motive behind his services. Similarly, he has been rescuing stray dogs and sending them to dog care centers.

Kathmandu’s street is a residence to many destitute. People see homeless and helpless people every day. In such conditions, Dahal has protected many of them from the rags and searched them homes, hospitals, old age homes and shelter. He utilizes his social media presence in order to ask help for food, money clothes and shelter for these helpless people. The money and food he collects from the aid are donated to the needy old age homes and shelters of the city.

Realizing the desires of the street kids to have new clothes and good food like normal kids in Dashain, he had initiated a campaign on his social media site to collect money for a cloth distribution program. After the collection of Rs 50,000 from Nepalis all across the country, he distributed clothes to the street kids of Sankata Temple, Bhadrakali and Basantapur. Similarly, he conducted a ‘Dar Khane Program’ in Ram Mandir for the impoverished street women of Kathmandu. Realizing their longing for new dresses, good food and enjoyment, he welcomed 20 beauticians to adorn these women and embellish them with beautiful dresses, tika and bangles.

Durga Nath Dahal’s work has enlightened many aspiring social workers. At the age of eleven, he started the social service journey by receiving a lifelong membership of Red Cross Society. After the devastating earthquake hit the country, his conscience sparked more than before and he started working actively for the goodwill of the society. Known for being a benevolent soul in the society, Dahal believes giving love, respect and aid to the creatures in need are the greatest deeds of human life. He gives back to the society not because it’s a need but it’s an innate compassion he bears for people around him.

Kudos to the work initiated by Durga Nath Dahal.

By: Kabita Sen

Photo Source: Durga Nath Dahal