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E-learning: Today’s Necessity


The world is constantly evolving with rampant development in each sector. The humans once living in a barbarian age are now living in a world full of inventions and technology. Each second passing by provides the world with new ideas, innovations.

Education sector to has evolved miraculously in the past few decades in the world. Efforts are being made to change the age-old pedagogy practices. E-learning is being promoted and is on popular demand in the whole world. Students have now got an opportunity of earning a degree just by attending virtual classes sitting at a cubicle in a corner of a room. That’s how easy it has become! But are we Nepalese being able to take full advantage of these things?

The use of the internet is in the rising trend in Nepal too. According to Nepal Telecom, 63% of the total population is connected to the internet as of 2018 but are these users using it for its full potential? The question arises here because most of the users using the internet here in Nepal use it for social media like Facebook, Instagram, Viber, etc. Few schools have adopted e-learning but there are thousands of schools still left in the rural parts of Nepal who do not even have computer labs. There are huge advantages of e-learning too. One can video and clear his/her doubts within a jiffy. As you are connected to the internet which has turned this gigantic world into a global village, you can easily connect with people sitting at any nook and cranny in the world. One can interact with the students abroad, learn about their courses, and share their ideas which will certainly help them a lot.

Massive online opening courses (MOOCs) are among the few innovations that have been able to bring notable reforms in the education sector. These courses not only provide the opportunity for students to learn but also provides a platform to share, teach and grow. It is free of cost which makes it affordable to all, so anyone can take advantage of it. These courses are also offered by universities like Harvard, MIT, and Caltech which are some of the dream universities of almost all the students. Platforms like edx, courses can act as a boon to Nepalese students who want to attend the universities abroad but are unable to due to financial and other several reasons. Now, there is no need of relinquishing one’s dream of earning an international degree due to reasons like this.

Education is the basic right of every human and should be given the utmost priority. No one should be deprived of education based on the status they hold, skin colour, race, caste. It does not matter, who you are and where you are from all that matters is the amount of effort you are putting into it. This era is not only about working harder; it is all about working smarter. Earning a degree shouldn’t be a far-fetched dream anymore. Anyone with internet access can learn even the toughest course in the world. But why is it that Nepal is unable to utilize these things properly? We lack information and awareness regarding even basic things about these kinds of materials. These days almost all of us have a Facebook account and we get so indulged in social sites like Facebook that we tend to forget what our priorities should be. By this, I do not mean using Facebook is bad because there are several instances where, entrepreneurs have grown their business and startups through these sites only. Social media sites have both pros and cons and it entirely depends on us how we choose to use it. The best thing about online learning is that you can have access to your course materials wherever and whenever required. This facility is not available in schools and colleges where one has to attend scheduled classes.

Every school should introduce online and e-learning in Nepal. This will not only promote but will grow the interest of children in this field and help them to explore more. We can learn a lot from our neighboring country, India. Their primary focus always remains on imparting quality education with proper use of technology. So, we can see them reaching greater heights. The rapid rise of Indian techpreneurs in Silicon Valley has taken the world by surprise. We Nepalese are no less than the others. Hence, if we promote online learning in Nepal our students will have access to courses from all over the world and we will also experience rapid growth in the number of students choosing STEM field which is undoubtedly today’s necessity. Who knows even a day might come when we Nepalese might rule the tech-field and the Silicon Valley too!!

-Anupa Khanal