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Earth Journalism Network Asia-Pacific Media Grants 2020


An Asian -pacific Project, Earth Journalism Network’s (EJN) aims to boost the quantity and quality of environmental and climate coverage in the region and empower at-risk communities by informing them about environmental issues and amplifying their voices in the media.

EJN is seeking innovative ideas from journalist networks, media organizations, civil society organizations or academic institutions throughout Asia and the Pacific that can  strengthen local or regional skills, knowledge and network for environmental reporting  and enhance media coverage and public awareness of environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, wildlife trafficking, use and management of natural resources.

Specially, EJN is looking for:

  • Innovative ideas for training and networking of local journalists, bloggers, and other content providers; online tools and platforms that would allow citizens to report on environmental impacts and monitor implementation of environment-related policies; media environmental reporting projects that bring new perspectives or target strategic audiences. The grant can also be used as a seed grant to build a new environmental media start-up or journalist network.
  • Capacity-building elements that strengthen skills and knowledge of local journalists and content providers, for instance, to improve data journalism, investigative reporting, safety awareness, gender-inclusive reporting and/or coverage of specific environmental topics. We are also keen to strengthen the organizational capacity of the applicants, for instance, with financial reporting, digital security or project management.
  • Partnership building and networking among journalists or between journalists and other stakeholders, such as scientists and researchers, policy-makers, or the business sector. This could be within a country or trans-nationally. The media grants can also be used to support the establishment of environmental journalism networks in places where they don’t exist.

The proposed activity should have at least one of these elements in the design.


Media organizations, journalist networks, universities, journalism schools and civil society organizations focusing on environmental reporting in the region

Eligible Regions: South Asia, Southeast Asia, China, and the Pacific but not Australia, New Zealand, and the Hawaiian Islands.

Application Deadline: November 3, 2019

Official Link: outhop.com/competitions/grants/earth-journalism-network-asia-pacific-media-grants-2020?ref=browse_page&fbclid=IwAR2idiY4qVSg