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Earthquake Relief by Lactating Mothers


Khokana, April 30, 2015: After the massive earthquake in Nepal it is reported that 5,006 people are dead and 10,194 injured till date, 2.8 million Nepalese are displaced, and over 70,000 homes are believed to be destroyed and another 530,000 homes damaged across the 39 affected districts.

11203101_1115794541779443_6316610075333459456_nChhahari Production, WHR in collaboration with Sasto Deal Anthropose Machan Wildlife Resort, Tissah Lightening Nepal Transport & 100+ other volunteers is working together to do whatever possible to help to the victims. According to these organizations, they are visiting the camps in Kathmandu and putting their effort together to lactate mothers. At Chhahari, Gairidhara,they areproviding shelter, food, medicinal supplies and health-checkups to peoplein need of special care – lactating mothers and their family.

These joined organizations also worked together to fed around 200 people at khakana camp. They are providing emergency supplies to Manakamana VDC of Nuwakot district as CDO office confirmed that the people there is getting no help.

According to the CDO office, about 700 people / families are displaced

There. For 15 DAYS RELIEF PACKAGE that

includes rice, salt, cooking utensils, & tents is needed right now.

If you can help in anyway possible, drop-off center is at WHR, Baluwatar.

Take the alley next to National college (nearby Buzz Cafe).




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