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Eastern Star Fully Righted By Chinese Salvagers


June 5, 2015: The Chinese ship which was capsized on the Yangtze River, on which more than 400 people are thought to have died have been fully righted by Chinese salvagers.

After the Eastern Star got coudght by the strom it overturned late on Monday where just 14 of the 456 passengers and crew are known to have survived. It looks to be China’s worst shipping disaster in more than 60 years of Communist rule.

At a news conference on Thursday Transport Ministry Spokesperson Xu Chengguang had told reporters that in a situation in which the overall judgment is that there is no chance of people being alive, we could start the work of righting the boat.

As per the authorities the chances of finding anyone still alive were slim.Rescue workers on the upturned hull, which was just barely visible over the brown waters of the Yangtze, were towered over by two cranes.


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