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Eco-couture; Next fashion future


15 September, 2015: Fashion is now doing better to adapt to the change brought about by climate, resource scarcity, and rise in population, economic conditions and ever-evolving consumer behavior.

Fashion has rapidly changed and become a cocooned commune. The world is now struggling to adapt to a new environment reality. Natural resources, such as raw materials like cotton, water, oil and other forms of energy, will soon become unbelievably expensive. Fast fashion will no longer have the means to persist, shortening the fashion cycle and accelerating the speed of retail. In reality, world is now on the verge of what is called the ‘slow fashion era’.

The evolution of fashion is the marriage between ‘smart clothing’ and ‘eco-fashion’ for the future. The future of fashion is an Internet of wearable technology with sustainable fashion; a holistic convergence between technology and sustainability.

With food, water shortage, extreme climate changes, we will need smart well-being clothing to monitor our health and the climate. Bio-couture will unite design with cutting-edge bio. Smart clothes will also give the product a longer life because of its highly functional purpose, and will be popular because it will be assembled into gadgets. The fashion slowdown will have DIY clothes with modular designs, allowing the consumer to change according to his/her rhythm. Just in time, shopping will be implemented to prevent waste, and mass customization will do the other part—combining the efficiency of mass production and the individualization of custom design to give the consumer multiple solutions, and create products with a longer, average life expectancy.

Eco-couture, a parallel trend to smart clothes, will have people own fewer but higher-quality clothing, clothes that are cared for sans chemical, and vintage or second-hand pieces that are well circulated. It work towards better living through chemistry; clothes will be designed to be reused or biodegradable, garments will be grown from bacteria cellulose.



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