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Eco-Sathi Nepal: Venture for Environment-Friendly products


Eco- Sathi Nepal is a venture that educates people about green-living and sells eco-friendly products in the Nepali market.

Let’s read what Dr. Manu Karki, CEO and Founder at “Eco-Sathi Nepal” have shared with Glocal Khabar during an interview about her venture.

Her journey from being a dentist by profession to an ecopreneur. She lives a zero-waste life and also became a zero-waste activist. She has a very clear vision of what she wants for her venture Eco- Sathi Nepal. She not only sells sustainable products but also educates and inspires people about a sustainable lifestyle.

1. Could you briefly introduce the company to us? What was the starting phase like?

Eco-Sathi Nepal is a Social Enterprise where we try to introduce Eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products in Nepal. Basically, we are trying to create a range of various sustainable products for Nepalese.

Well, this all started when we travelled to Taiwan, where our friends were living a zero-waste lifestyle. Until then I had very little knowledge of living this kind of conscious life. I realized we could change a lot in the way we are living to protect the environment and in return, we could make our life much healthier. I started a page on Instagram to share the type of changes I got in my life to inspire others. Very soon I understood that until and unless we all have alternatives to plastics, we couldn’t bring about a change. After this, I started trying out natural products and introducing various sustainable products on our page Eco-Sathi Nepal.

2. How is the business going?

So far so good. Of course now after the lockdown our sales are slow and we don’t have any profits but this situation won’t stop us as a social enterprise to create awareness and inspirations to live an Eco-friendly life.

3. What kind of response do you hear from your customer? Can you share about it?

Well, until this date we have had pretty good responses from our customers. Our customers seem to be excited about using products with no chemicals, creating no harm to our mother Earth and also our packaging is plastic free which has got an overwhelming amount of praise.

4. What are the challenges you encountered about your venture? What is the state now?

Recalling about the challenges in the growth and scaling up of the company, the major challenge for us, for now, is to make the product accessible to every Nepali citizen. We are definitely a step forward in this. Second would be, even if people appreciate the venture, the products are sometimes sourced from abroad which makes it a little bit expensive and it’s a challenge for us to try to manufacture it in Nepal and another challenge is to make people understand that in the long run, the products are much cheaper and sustainable.

5. How many employees are working on your team?

Currently, we are a team of five.

6. What are the long term plans that you set up regarding your venture?

Introducing a wide range of Eco-friendly products. In the coming future at our own store would be our interim goal. Collaborating with local brands to make Nepal a plastic-free country would be our mission.

7. Is there anything you would like to share with us?

As a person trying to live an Eco- friendly lifestyle, I would suggest to start small like carrying your own bag for shopping and using reusable water bottles and move gradually towards a sustainable lifestyle. Please do not get overwhelmed with this way of living instead take it slow and enjoy your journey. Be kind to animals and surround yourself with plants.

Link: www.ecosathinepal.com