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Economic transformation through tourism


Kathmandu, July 25:  Vice President of Nepali Congress Ram Chandra Paudel said that industrial revolution in Nepal is only possible when the great potential of tourism in Nepal is fully tapped.

Speaking at the concluding function of a three-day long tourism and skill development and assessment-training program jointly organized by Nepal Tourism Board and Hotel Professionals Federation Nepal, he added, to eliminate rampant poverty and unemployment in Nepal, it is necessary to promote religious, cultural and natural tourism across the globe.

Speaking at the programme, he said that Nepal is wonderful in terms of its natural beauty and is culturally rich.

However, these wonderful assets are still left unexploited, he added. Moreover, he stressed that tourism; agriculture and hydropower are the three significant sectors of Nepal that can lead Nepal to becoming a rich and developed nation.  He also assured that political leadership is ready to bestow any help sought to develop tourism and hospitality industry in Nepal.

Paudel stressed that more and more tourist destinations should be explored and infrastructures should be built so as to make such destinations accessible to the internal and international tourists, which can uplift the economic status of local residents.

Highlighting on the basic ethics that the professionals from hospitality and tourism industry should maintain, executive Director of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) Subhash Niraula said that people working in the tourism and hospital industry must be pro-active, hospitable and maintain personal hygiene. Sometimes, even such professionals should think themselves being a consumer, he suggested.

He added that training is like sharpening the pencil and should be done time and again. He further added, hospitality industry is the backbone for the tourism development and NTB is always ready to go hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder with tourism and hotel professionals.

At the programme, Jeevan Prabha Lama, Director General at Food Technology and Quality Control Department, shed light on food safety and its importance on human life.

She said the government has initiated nationwide monitoring and inspection campaign to maintaining the food safety in the hotel and restaurants. Hotels and restaurants along the highway are under gradation with sticker system and since the program was started, they have been able to sell hygienic food to the customers.

Hemant Khanal, a tourism expert and consultant mentioned the problems faced by the tourism sector. He said that the government is still not serious about the development of tourism sector even knowing the fact that tourism can bring a radical change in the economic activities of the country.

He suggested that promotion of internal tourism, avoiding dual tax system imposed on tourism sector, implementation of night life in the tourist centre, publicity and conservation of touristic and historical places is a must for the development of tourism industry.

At the programme, the participants were distributed with the certificates of participation by the Vice-president of Nepali Congress Ram Chandra Paudel.



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