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29 November, 2015: Fashion is evolving these days. The younger generation of designers are breaking away the rules of fashion and offering new trends. Fashion that’s fun, tasteful fashion, termed ‘edgy’.

Edgy is unconventional and unexpected—mixing things up either by way of styling or the garment itself. Edgy could mean different things to different people. How you wear an item, is what makes the difference. Even wearing an elegant white shirt and smart blue jeans in an innovative manner is edgy. Edgy means creating own value or experiment, something apart from the norm. Say it ordinary with a twist.

Edgy is not so much about fashion and trends, as it is about self-expression. Edgy should be something that makes you stands out, something different. As per me, edge of a fashion is something that is a mix of the old and the new, but doesn’t look outdated. It is something that has personal style attached to it. It is shaping up the look with your personal sensibilities.

We see that today people actually are willing to experiment and play around with styles. We are still trying to find our own style. Definitely a lot of people are edgy and have their own style, but if you look at the street as a whole, there is too much fashion consciousness and less style. Edgy is something that comes from within. So if it’s edgy clothing that you seek, there’s good reason you might have to shell out from within.


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