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Edu- Insight, Explore the opportunities post SLC


Kathmandu, April 1, 2016: Edushala after successfully organizing US Embassy funded Access Career Camp brings another exciting educational event. Edushala is a private company registered under the Government of Nepal Company Act of 2063 and functions as an educational and skills-based training company which provides students with skills that are useful, fun, and transferable in the real world through Project-Based Learning. Edushala has also previously developed entrepreneurship and career-skill building programs at leading colleges in Kathmandu. Since 2013, the company has trained more than 2500 students. The company which focuses on education and skill-based training with a mission to connect passionate professionals with skill-hungry students is organizing an event for SLC appeared students – Edu-Insight.

Edu-Insight, Explore the opportunities post SLC, is a two-day event which will give recently SLC appeared students a platform to explore academic opportunities in Nepal. Edushala in partnership  of YUWA, WIN, Merojob and PABSON designed this event as it realised the amount of guidance required for the SLC appearing students to choose their field of study which they are really passionate about, comfortable with and also see their future in. In this 2 day event, the students will get right set of circumstances to discover their interest and potentiality. They will also get a chance to get detail information from dignified personalities related to various academic fields and give insight about various available academic fields and their scopes. Edushala is in the process of making sure that the students study what they are eager about rather than ending up choosing a field of study which is beyond their interest due to lack of information about academic opportunities or because of peer pressure or just because their parents want them to study that particular course.

SLC appeared students tend to directly join bridge courses or be in a limbo without exploring or getting an opportunity to know what type of courses are being provided and what are the career prospects/scope of the very courses. With this program Edushala aims at helping the students to solve the dilemma of what to pursue after SLC. This event is one of a kind, that will help students to choose the right direction. Life after SLC is considered as a turning point because the students will decide on which field of study they want to pursue their career in. In Nepal,only few students are sure what they want to study. A considerable amount of students choose the  field of study in hurry. Many students are unaware about the types of academic opportunities that are available in Nepal. Most of the students don’t know which colleges to approach to and what to expect from the courses they offer. With Edu- Insight, Edushala hopes that the two-day event will help students to have information about the various academic fields before they start their hunt for the best colleges to enroll themselves.

For more information visit www.edushala.com