Education in Nepal

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    Education in Nepal

    Nepal, the country I born on, where I spent my childhood and living my life, my family is here, my emotions lies here, my friends are here, learning at Nepal will be best to work in Nepal, I am capable of doing a lot here, for me it’s the land of opportunity, as People say America is the land of opportunity but Nepal is the one, How? Because we have a lot to do here, that we can’t, at America.

    I chose to study further higher level at Nepal itself due to all the reasons mentioned above. It is not that I cannot go to America or other parts of the globe; I have been pressurized from my family members, relatives, friends and many more to opt for foreign studies. But I always contradict. It’s never that just getting the foreign education is going to help in enhancing your career. It’s all about how you want to make your career when you get this answer wherever you study effectively will take you to success. People say education system of Nepal is bad, but let me ask a question, how do you consider the education system of Nepal bad? Of course we have drawbacks like corruption in education, but even if you go anywhere in the globe there will be corruption, it’s just that it may not be direct; then may be its political instability, yes we do have political instability, it’s a big drawback for us, but it also makes us more concerned about our country. Next, we have lack of teaching faculty, yes we don’t have Nobel prize winners to teach us but still if you go other parts of world you will not get them unless you enter the highest of the colleges, which are expensive and hard to get in, and moreover we have a good scholars to teach here at Nepal in prestigious institutions. Then there may be lack of facilities, but think, do we really use the facilities which we have? From my opinion we do have sufficient facilities to study here at Nepal, it is all about not using it which will overcome after having self desire to study at Nepal.

    Studying here will let me know Nepal well which will help me in enriching my career here at Nepal. Moreover I am a person for whom the development of country means a lot and I want to contribute to it. This will help me in developing my career and in a small amount to the country. I don’t say all of us have to follow this perception but if some of us think to stay here in Nepal and study and work further then it may bring an extensive change in our country, we can do it.

    By: Asish Thakur


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