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Edushala Organizes Career Mela


Kathmandu, June 26, 2016: Edushala, a premier organization in Kathmandu working as a complete education marketplace, recently organized a programme focused on providing guidance to the students and impart ideas to them on entering the job market.

Map My Life-The Career Mela, organized last Saturday at Thames International College, Kathmandu, gave insights and guidance to the students in their plus two and bachelor’s level through various lively and interactive sessions.

To start with, YUWA, a youth organization in Nepal, conducted a networking game that gave the participants the knowledge on how networking happens and how to connect and reach out to new people.


Abhishek Bhakta Shrestha, Executive at Client Relations department at merojob.com ran a session ‘Career Trends’, to inform the participants on how the methods of the vacancy announcement and searching for a new jobs have evolved with time after the internet revolution in Nepal. He also mentioned on how all the information about most of the vacancies in Nepal are available in that online portal and gave a bird’s eye view of searching a particular job that fits one’s skills and interests and applying for the same.

‘Recruiter’s Story’, a session on job interviews followed next in the programe. Kusum Niraula, facilitator for the session shared many tips for a job interview session, including the Dos and Don’ts in the interview. “Since the interviewer will be closely watching your overall appearance, behaviors along with the way you talk to ensure that you are the best for the position in the organization, you have to pay attentive to these issues,” she shared. She further shared how employers notice if the candidates can fit in the work culture organization and add a value to the organization. “To perform better in an interview, brushing up your communication skills is a must,” she said. “And, going in front of the mirror every day to hone your speaking skills is the best way forward.”

Similarly, Abhay Rijal, Business Development Executive at Merojob conducted a session giving the participants an insight on resume writing. He mentioned what to include in one’s resume and what not to and how to make one’s resume impressive. He also explained the differences between Resume, CV and Bio-Data and preparing one strictly following the job requirements. “We need to prepare for writing a resume in advance for a good resume demands time,” he shared. “You can impart your first impression through the resume and stand out of the crowd very easily,” he further shared. He also mentioned the types of resume, best words that can be used in a resume and the words that one mustn’t use, global trends of writing a resume, common mistakes in resume writing and a lot more. He also pointed out the need to highlight the specific skills required for the job one is applying for since a resume will be read for only 7-10 seconds in average.

Also in the programme, representatives from the three startup companies viz. RedVelvet, D-Karmastha and Yodha presented the business ideas of their respective companies. They also shared why they started the organization, what products and services they deal with, their long-term vision, and how the interested people can get involved in their companies and many others.

Glocal Khabar was the online media partner for the event and Alina Prajapati from the company informing about the Teen Hero 2016 competition, shared about the reasons behind initiating such a competition to recognize the outstanding teens in the nation and how it will benefit the teens by recognizing the innovative works they have initiated and accomplished so far in their early life. She also mentioned about the non-availability of any such platforms in Nepal to encourage and appreciate the teenagers who are doing good works benefiting the society and the nation as a whole and how the Teen Hero competition has been contributing to fill up the void over the years.