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Eight Absconding Convicts In Police Net


Belauri (Kanchanpur), September 1: Crime investigation and control support team, Mahakali appointed from Far-Western Regional Police has apprehend eight convicts, who were in list of absconding, from Daiji and Beldandi in one day.

Police arrested them from Beldandi Bazaar area and handed over to the court.

Moreover, police has escalated further to arrest those absconding after allegations were charged by the court.

The team caught; Sitaram Rana of Beldandi-3, who was kept behind the bars for eight month jail term by district court Kanchanpur on burglary case in 2067 BS, from Daiji.

Among other netted are 8; Prem Giri, Lalu Giri, Kala Giri, Damma Giri, Lali Giri, Bimala Giri and Jitu Giri of Beldandi on property share case. Furthermore the count has slapped action against them the same year.





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