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Elderly couple, adorable enough wears a matching t-shirt creating a style to express their love.


19 August, 2015: 

How old are you to express love and style? I believe there is no age to show your love and opt for any style. It’s amazing how the trend have changed to show the passion for the style to spread the love. Here we have a couple Carol and warren Reckmeyer, who drive to be very adorable spreading love for each other catching the style.

Carol and Warren Reckmeyer, who have been happily married since June 1, 1952, were spotted outside a Cardinals/Giants game at Busch Stadium on Monday in St. Louis, Missouri, donning a cute pair of baseball jerseys that celebrated their anniversary.


Carol is a die-hard Giants fan, while Warren places his bets with the Cardinals, according to an interview. So when the two teams faced off against each other on Monday, the couple showed their support — separately but together. This adorable couple defines no line to adopt a style and express love.

Of course, this isn’t the first couple that has gained love after wearing matching T-shirts. There have been known celebs to people around us that spread love, and passion through the matching t-shirts. How can we forget the popular-celeb Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, who recently made a style statement on friendship day showing their love towards each other, wearing matching t-shirts with their name embedded on it.


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