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Election brings piles of promises in name of Youths (Analysis)


Kathmandu, November 10, 2017: With the elections edging nearer, political parties are in a race to attract the voters. Each contesting parties have come up with agendas and promises in their manifestos to convince that they have the best vision for upcoming days. Though many agendas seem reiterated and highly ambitious, the major parties seem concerned about the youth. Here, we have discussed about the youth-targeted programs proposed by the political parties in their manifesto.

Nepali Congress

The major party of the Second Constituent Assembly, Nepali Congress, appreciates the enthusiasm, bravery, dedication and innovation exhibited by the Nepali youths over the course of time. It is optimistic that the youths will again help the party to lead the mission of national renaissance. The party plans to mobilize the youths in sectors like agriculture, tourism, industries and manufacturing, construction, education and health to decrease the dependency over foreign employment and provide them with skill-based trainings to generate employment opportunities within the local level in collaboration with local government. The party has realized how entrepreneurship will help the youths execute their ideas and open the door for self-employment opportunity. According to the scheme presented, a youth entrepreneur planning to start own operation will have 25 percent of the capital provided by the government and the 50 percent of the capital will be covered by the government assisted loans without interest. They tend to attract the youth entrepreneur by promising reforms in the tax policies specifically and decrease the costume charge to import tools and equipment for their enterprise. Also, as many as one lakh +2 graduates will have their chance to work as an intern in the local administration. The party also aims to focus on technology, innovation and scientific research. Any Nepali citizen with Bachelor’s degree failing to get employed are promised with unemployment allowances for 2 years provided that they are a community volunteer.

CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre

The two major communist parties of Nepal have emphasized the importance of education to shape the future of the youths. They promise to establish at least one university and technical high school in every province. They plan to create plenty of job opportunity within Nepal so that the dependency over foreign employment will be reduced. Though remittance holds a huge share of national economy, the government has not been able to address the problems of Nepali workers in foreign land. Through this mandate, they commit to make to ensure security and dignity of Nepali workers and plan to make the skill-based trainings mandatory to the workers before they go to work. Accordingly, remittance received will be used in productive areas and the platform will be provided where the returning workers can exhibit their skills learned in the foreign country. They have focused to make every municipality and village techno-friendly by setting up internet service within two years.

Bibeksheel Sajha Party

This party seems to be a foal in the election race but looks very determined in attracting the votes from the youths. Presenting themselves as an alternative political force, many young leaders have stepped as their candidates for upcoming elections. They promise to create job opportunity within Nepal like all other parties. Similarly, they have highlighted to create such environment where schools, colleges and universities wouldn’t be hampered by the internal politics. They are planning to bring such programs to encourage college students to involve in community service and seek for internship opportunities. They have introduced the concept of ‘Yuwa Dwara Yuwa lai Rojgari’ to address the need of young entrepreneur to the nation. Similarly, they have focused on the development of sports by planning to build stadiums and covered halls.

By: Prashant Bhandari