Electric buses and smart street lights for Lalitpur Metropolitan City

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Kathamandu, May 12, 2018: Electric buses and smart roadside lights are being planned for the Lalitpur Metropolitan City. The metropolis is doing homework for operating the electric bus service as per public private partnership model.

Raju Maharjan, spokesperson at the Metropolis , said,” We are planning to introduce them as the electric buses are environment friendly, they would be beneficial for the cultural and touristic sites in Lalitpur.” A committee has been assigned to study the proposal and submit the report the working committee, he added.

“Though it is expensive, the maintainance cost is too cheap as compared to diesel buses. The battery lasts upto 12 years and does not need to be repaired frequently like other buses”, said Maharjan.

An electric bus with all facilities could cost up to Rs.20 million.

Mayor Chhiribabu Maharjan said that the smart lights will be installed along major roads of Lalitpur. The study for the smart lights installation is also underway.