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EmpowHER 4th Session Conducted with Sharing of Experiences


Kathmandu, June 18, 2018 : If you’ve ever brainstormed hard for hours, relished cool ideas in a silent room, and experienced the true meaning of empowerment, thinking, “Yes, I am getting somewhere with this” — you’ve tasted the real elixir to rejuvenate yourself. 16th June, Saturday was a day full of that at Ujyalo Foundation, alongside, heartfelt speeches from young leaders and interesting interactive sessions on finding the true purpose of life.

One of the EmpowHER 2016 cohort winners, Samanata Thapa and the CEO of Urban Girl, Nikita Acharya spoke their heart out with us on their experiences with their projects, the obstacles they came through and the resilience to combat the difficulties. This was accompanied by the introduction of few interesting theories such as Golden Circle theory and Ikigai by Watsal Rajbhandari, the co-founder of DOCHAA. Our family of 18 changemakers came together to celebrate the talent and achievements of our Guest Speakers.EmpowHER 4th Session Conducted with Sharing of Experiences

With each passing sessions of icebreakers, activities, presentations and speeches, arose the expectation of intriguing discussions. There were no disappointments at all. Realisation on gender inclusiveness and the need of building our own qualities were some of them. It was nice to see all the girls so very dedicated in their projects and actively participating to learn, unlearn and relearn. The ability of the participants to manage work, studies, personal life as well as the EmpowHER programme is professional, and hope is being appreciated.

All in all, it was a good day; some would say it was the most interactive amongst all. It gave a platform to gather a lot of real life experiences, unfiltered but prepared, and also to create memories with fellow EmpowHer participants. All thanks to our coordinators for the wonderful arrangement.

– By Agma Malakar

Agma Malakar is one of the changemakers of EmpowHER 2018.