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‘EmpowHER Unleashing Young Aspiring Women Leader’

‘EmpowHER Unleashing Young Aspiring Women Leader’
‘EmpowHER Unleashing Young Aspiring Women Leader’

Kathmandu, 23th September: “Empowering young women”, “creating balanced gender dynamics”, and “crafting influential leaders of today” are the main ideas that underpin the core values of Ujyalo Foundation’s high esteemed women leadership program: EmpowHER. EmpowHER is a FIRST of its kind platform in Nepal for aspiring young women to challenge themselves beyond their comfort zone and reach new heights while inspiring other individuals in the community.

With a vision to create self-reliant women leaders who show case independence, resilience, and competence in today’s world, EmpowHER is one of the pioneers for women leadership program in Nepal. On August 1st, EmpowHER began its journey with a promise to deliver a dynamic, impactful, and life changing experience to all of its candidates. Starting with 13 enthusiastic women from diverse backgrounds, the program aims to create women leaders who ‘walk the talk’ by effectively contributing to the society, and enhancing the lives of other marginalized women in the community.

The program meets every weekends at King’s College where speakers from different field are invited to held workshops on topics ranging from building interpersonal and leadership skills to planning their project, making financial projections and implementing their ideas at the grassroots level. Alongside their group service project and other project involvements, each candidate will also work meticulously on improving their ‘Impact Ideas’ and getting ready for their final idea pitch.  A jury of five has been nominated to evaluate each of the candidates and their projects. On the finale of the program, each candidate will pitch her ‘Impact Ideas’ to the jury and the audience. Based on their performance in the program, their individual growth and their ‘Impact Ideas’ three winner will be announced. All three winners will be titled ‘EmpowHER 2015: Young Aspiring Women Leader’ and will receive a seed fund money up to NRs. 1 lakh to implement their projects.

The finale of the program will take place on October 10th at Amrapali Banquet located in Bhatbhateni. The doors open from 3p.m. Program includes idea pitching from 11 change makers, talent round and questions and answers round. To purchase your ticket please call Ujyalo Foundation’s office at 014433631.


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