‘Iron Man’ Writer Duo Working On ‘Alien Nation’ Remake

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‘Iron Man’ Writer Duo Working On ‘Alien Nation’ Remake

26 March,2015: Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, the writer duo behind hit film “Iron Man”, have been attached to write the script for the remake of the sci-fi movie “Alien Nation”.

Unlike the original feature, Twentieth Century Fox plans to develop the remake as “a re-imagining akin to the studio’s own commercial and critical hit franchise, “Planet of the Apes”,” The Hollywood Reporter said.

Plot details are still being kept under wrap, but the first installment “will begin by telling how and why the aliens came to Earth”. At the time of writing, the studio has not yet picked any producer.

The original “Alien Nation” was produced by Gale Anne Hurd and released back in 1988. Its plot was set “in a near future where humans and a race of aliens are forced to co-exist, tenuously, as humans keep the newcomers mostly segregated and without rights.

The story then told of the first alien police officer, who is paired with a racially insensitive partner. Soon, however, a case comes along that brings the two together in friendship and respect.”

The first film featured Mandy Patinkin as the alien officer and James Caan as the reluctant partner. The film was then made into a TV spin-off which lasted only one season, but leading to several TV movies, novels, and comic books.\

Source:The Indian Express



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