This ‘Farki Aaye Deurali’ song about the story of a foreign employment returnee touches every Nepali’s heart

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The song is a general representation of what hardships Nepalese in the gulf nations have to face. It characterizes the atrocities they face there in the name of struggle.

Kathmandu, August 2, 2017: A new music video ‘Farki Aaye Deurali’ featuring the story of a foreign employment returnee has become the internet sensation recently.

The music video, which takes the form of swift story-telling, has visually conceptualized the life of Nepalese compelled to live in gulf nations for a better life. The lyrics interpret deep love and affection between the family members who are bound to be apart physically yet it carries the message that the compassion and relationship stays same no matter the distance.

A burst of local flavor is introduced in the video with a mix of colloquial words like ‘ringte ping’, ‘solteeni’, ‘mela paata’, ‘jinsi’ that strings down the connection of viewers to typical Nepali language. Using a soft blend of tone and music, this song portrays a lot of pain, love, and sympathy representing thousands of families in Nepal who have personally experienced similar stories. The lyrics and the scenes synchronize quite well, with the perfect delivery of vocals along with the visuals.

Farki Aaye Deurali

The video perfectly calls on an apparent contrast between life of the lead character at Deurali before and after going abroad. The video swiftly transitions to and fro from flashback moments to current scenario and displays a mix of emotions that can’t be expressed verbally but can be felt with sheer pain. It also revives the sweet innocence of childhood and deplores the detrimental risks of adulthood that comes with the tag of responsibility. This character is just one general representation of what hardships Nepalese in the gulf nations have to face. This can also be taken as a characterization of the atrocities they face there in the name of struggle.

The chorus lines of the song ‘Farki Aaye Deurali’ adhere to the acceptance of the situation (in the ending) by the characters in the story that choose to adapt to the changed circumstances. In the one hand, it displays the hardships and struggles of such families, whereas in the other, it seems to outline a message that life must go on and we all should learn from mistakes.

The music video was released by Vision Nepal Films and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, with melodious vocals from Bibek Jha and compassionate lyrics by Bikash Rijal and BiBek Jha, in the vision of Rabindra Baral. It also demonstrates a sensational blend of ‘Dhimaya’ and ‘Sarangi’.

Especially, the acting of Nischal Karki (Kale), the lead character in the video, is adorable.

With around 12K views in the official video on YouTube in just one week, this song, with soothing vocals, music, and lyrics, has touched the hearts of thousands of people reflecting back to the pain and compromise underwent by families in Nepal.

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By Drishti Maharjan