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An entrepreneur never waits for anyone or anything, but always keeps walking no matter what: Sunita Nhemaphuki


Kathmandu, August 16, 2017: Sunita Nhemaphuki, Co-Founder at R&D Innovative Solutions shared her entrepreneurial journey filled with struggles and achievements amid a special program organized in the capital on Tuesday.

Nhemaphuki had shared her story in Inspiring Talk, a series of interactive sessions initiated by Rockstart Impact heard stories of Tuesday. The program had a delightful audience listen to some motivational words reflecting on the entrepreneurial journey of Nhemaphuki.

She revolted with her dad and left the home and her teaching job to start on her own. She started with an advertising agency, at the age of 19 years but later ended up with a venture of agriculture oriented magazines. In the initial days, it was difficult to find even a single customer but today, there are more than 7000 annual paid subscribers to her agriculture based magazine ‘Krishak ra Prabidhi’. Currently, her team is looking to develop a mobile app for farmers and establishing an agricultural library in villages.

Meanwhile, she also shared some of the marketing strategies she used while starting her ventures. “I didn’t calculate the money needed while starting my magazine venture. In fact, I didn’t plan anything. I followed the call of my heart and used my marketing skills,” she mentioned. She also suggested to the aspiring entrepreneurs that the right time to work on multiple ventures simultaneously is only after one venture becomes profitable enough.

By closely observing the existing situation and problems in the agriculture sector, she thought of initiating Green Mart, a retail farm store to ease the market options for street vendors as well as customers. Also, she has recently started R & D Farms in order to supply green vegetables to the customers. Realizing the need of empowering the farmers, she further established ‘Krishi Uddhyamsala’ providing business consultation and incubation facilities to farmers.

She also shared how she manages her diverse pool of human resources. One of her strategy to attract human resources in the company for long term was to link their number of shares with the number of years they spend as employees. “Anyone who would want to join my team will have to spend few days with us exploring their fields of interest, only then I decide which specification suits them the most. I take every one of them as a colleague, a peer and not just an employee,” expressed Sunita.

Sunita Nhemaphuki

Being bound by a regular schedule and working the entire day as per someone instructs was so not her cup of tea. She didn’t want to squeeze her in such environment; she wanted to rule her own kingdom. That’s what led her to be the owner of 5 ventures today despite the hardships she had to face. She added, “Society always wanted me to shape myself according to the boundaries of being a girl, but I never wanted those boundaries. Honestly speaking, breaking these social boundaries and the stereotypical mindset of people about agriculture has been the toughest part for me. But, whatever the problem is, you just need to move on and that’s what I did.”

She didn’t want her people to stand in a queue to acquire food in the future like people have to struggle in a queue for petrol today. That’s why she felt the need to step into the world of agriculture.

On a concluding note, she revealed her theory of success, “If you want to be an entrepreneur, never wait for anyone or anything. Just walk and walk, keep moving ahead no matter what. That’s how you achieve your ultimate goal.”

Photographs: Rockstart Impact

By Drishti Maharjan