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Entrepreneur Story of Amun Thapa During Crisis


Kathmandu, November 17, 2015:Massive destruction due to earthquake had left young startups with tangling hopes and problems. Eventually after that, oil crisis and blockade during festive season have hampered economic activities in Nepal. We have had many youths studying abroad and coming back to Nepal to work with new energy and enthusiasm. However, young entrepreneurs who have come back in high hopes end up disappointed.

Talking with Glocal Khabar, here is what Amun Thapa, intiator of Sasto Deal has to say. Amun Thapa studied marketing and consumer psychology at University of Central Oklahoma. He is also the Co founder of Anthropose, co-owner at Irish Pub, Chhahari Production, Sasto Book, Sasto Travel and others.

You are running in third year of your company. What is your company planning new?

We are trying to create an industry because where industry does not exist, there is no point in moving company only.  Our first objective is to expand industry and working with other partner companies to extend our reach and expand to all over Nepal , not just in Kathmandu. We are in a transition phase where internet services are not reachable to rural areas of Nepal.

Internet is reaching out slowly in rural parts of Nepal and the price of smart phones is decreasing. In this condition, people can now have access to website of ecommerce. We are only limited to youths of Kathmandu and now planning to expand all over Nepal. There are many hidden cost involved in e commerce. It’s the largest investment sector after energy and banking in the world.

You are a US returnee who also inspired many other youths like you to return Nepal and work in the homeland. After all these crisis and challenges during your startups, do you feel like returning back and regret your decision?

I think I am lucky that I came Nepal at favorable condition and eventually this problem will be solved. We just have to find solution and create opportunity during crisis. One good example is Carpool Kathmandu which has become a huge crowd sourcing group which was created to solve the problem of oil crisis.  Rather than me, I am thoughtful for those who came to Nepal getting inspired by me leaving good jobs and salaries. I am gonna have to think twice about the things I have convinced them. However, people like us have to remain strong.

How is your team coping up with the current crisis?

People have lost the hope and even at our office, people are losing energy to office and work due to oil crisis and problem in transportation. In between festive season were people are not able to travel, they opt for online shopping. At the same time, we are not able to execute our services due lack of transportation and stock in the market to meet the demand. Sasto deal is in complex scenario what to do next due to these problems. We are using bicycles for delivery and also looking for new markets.

Your future plan?

At this time of  Nepal crisis, I am not able to think what to do next and what will happen next. It’s very uncertain and we startups are walking in dark right now. So ,  we are focusing on the current situation and thinking of how to survive in this situation and scenario rather than thinking about future. There are no stocks in market to sell. This time Nepal faced double crisis, one due to earthquake and next due to the blockade during festive season. This was time where entrepreneurs could recover loss caused due to earthquake.

Interviewed and Written by: Alina Prajapati


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