Home Business Entrepreneurs Nepal launched “Fin-Teach” worth 15 Crores of Investment

Entrepreneurs Nepal launched “Fin-Teach” worth 15 Crores of Investment


Kathmandu, July 31, 2018: Entrepreneurs Nepal releases “Financial Teach (Fin-Teach)” program that aims at increasing the financial literacy of the nation. Treasurer Entrepreneurs Nepal and Program coordinator of this program, Ashmita Adhikari said that after a long research for 4 years, a complete school level course model is designed and is being launched.

Entrepreneurs Nepal was established in 2014 and initially worked on the industrial development of Nepal. But during the working period, the research showed that the financial illiteracy among the youth population was one of the main reason for the failure of industries. This also discouraged them from the industrial sector. She added,” It became the main reason for the release of “Fin-Teach” today.”  The two-year program with 15 crore investment. It will help people from the school or college level who are interested in the industrial sector. The 15 days, 1 month or 3 months course is designed for 6-9 grade and 11-12 grade. Banker Manoj Gyawali said that “Fin-Teach” focuses on making different projects, performing experiments and progressive hard work in the technical part will make it a milestone. Also when a child will be taught how to save money and where to invest the money, the whole family will be aware of the finances.

Meanwhile, all the courses of Fin-Teach are designed and are planned to be released big in Kathmandu soon. Many conferences, meetings, discussions will also be held in different districts regarding “Fin-Teach” shortly after the release.