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Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Successfully Ends

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Successfully Ends
Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Successfully Ends

Kathmandu, March1, 2015:Following its vision of empowering positive business thinking and the entrepreneurial mindset, Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEF), in association with U.S. Embassy Nepal, successfully organized the first Entrepreneurship Boot Camp in February 26-28, 2015 at Park Village Hotel and Resort, Kathmandu.

With the theme of “Unleash your ideas”, this repitition of boot camp targeted people with a strong, demonstrable interest in starting, or being involved in, the creation of a new business. Out of 277 entries, 30 participants were selected after multiple rounds, to take part in the boot camp. The 30 participants were from diverse background in which many of them were from outside the valley.

Over the past three days, the participants were encouraged to think outside the box to work on their ideas, all the while being constantly inquired about the idea’s feasibility and scalability.On the very first day, Nepali Hotelier and writer, Mr. Karna Shakya gave an inspirational speech to the participants. In order to provide an international perspective to the canvas, there was a delegation of experts from Centre for Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW) at the University of Oklahoma, USA. The delegation was led by the Executive Director of CCEW, Mr. Jeff Moore.11035542_764369840325208_1987740408891858762_o

The teams were encouraged to work on their idea based on the business model canvas where mentors helped then to provide practical insights. On the second day, both the mentors and the teams were working on their ideas till 3 am in the morning and the hall was buzzing with excitement. On the final day, one additional sector specific mentor was assigned to each team to help them refine their idea, while at the same time providing insights related to the business and the industry.

The Jury for the final pitching session was Ashutosh Tiwari, CEO of Shrepa Adventure Gears, Ajay Shrestha, Managing Director at Fleur Himalayan and Todd Jugenberg, Economic & Commercial Officer, US Embassy. The jury admitted that they had a very difficult time deciding the winning teams as all the ideas were good and teams gave outstanding presentations. All the participants were winners, despite the final verdict.


The first place was awarded to Team “FFT Nepal” whose idea was fusing fashion and technology. The team members were Shivani Chhetri, Bikash Gurung, Shawarni Khanal and Sandip Bhagat. The second place went to team “Food Factory” whose idea was providing lunch services for offices and the team members were Jwala Dahal, Abhishek Baniya and Sneha Tamrakar. The third place was awarded to team “Khaali Bottle” whose idea was an online portal to connect household and offices to recyclers and the team members were Rojan Shrestha, Rupak Raj Ghimire, Anuroop Manandhar and Akriti Maskay.

NYEF also registered a domain name as a surprise to Khaali Bottle. One of the mentors also agreed to work together with the team to help start the business. All winning team members will get strat-up space in NYEF’s Accelerators Program. The team members can work on the winning idea or their own idea in the space. They will also get group mentorship sessions on a regular basis.

In an interview with Glocal Khabar, here is what mentors, organisers,participants has to say:

In an interview with the Pavitra Gautam, CEO of Karkhana who is also an engineer, business enterpreneur and Mentor at Boot Camp.His response on our queries is given below.

1397038_764370966991762_433030290690599583_oYour expections from Boot Camp and did you achieve it?

Working as an organiger in NYEF boot camp I had expected that certain youth will came up with innovatives business ideas but the amazing thing is we received 277 applications. so looking so much of enthusiasms, patience among students towards their plan  I realized that we have achieved something beyound our expecattion .now in this final day we have best 8 ideas which are amazing, innovative and practical.”

How was your experience?

Working for 3 days and two night in the  boot Camp with young mind innovative ideas was very challanging ,got lots of positive response and seeing energetic vibration and enthusiasm among youth it was over weltheming. We also got to learn much more which guiding their ideas.

What is your future vision?

Its not an end but the beginning .we have started a community of fresh and seasoned entrepreneurs where they can help each other and stay connected and we are also organizing meeting, conference regarding business ideas to conduct such event in the future in oder to provide platform to other young enthusiasts.

What is your main message towards those youth who are seeking to be an enterpreneur?

My main messege to them is that, “think an idea, framework on it research and then execute it you will surely acheive success. startup entrepreneurship  at early age so that you can get place for the improvement on the mistakes. Leave your dream today because present decides your future.

Acu. Sudarshan Basnet the Chairman of Wellness Hospital who was working as the coordinator of press and organizer of boot camp shared his experience of being in resident camp with youths having innovative business ideas.

How was your experience?

It’s a great experience to observe the young curiosity and dedication towards their idea. I will be more happy if they implement their ideas into action.”

Your expections from Boot Camp and did you achieve it?

“I have realized that whatever youth participation I had expected , we got far more than that so we are so pleased to know people interest toward entrepreneurship. likewise many of them got good mentorship and learn a lot within these 3 days so hope we have soon the direction to youth.

What is your future vision?

My vision is to create a platform to more youth to nurture their ideas, Creating alumuni group to provide regular guidance and support  to young mindset also to organized such types of boot camp frequently in upcoming future in order to foster new and unique business ideas.”

What is your main message towards those youth who are seeking to be an enterpreneur?

My message for all youth is that “Nepal has huge opportunities in any kinds of enterprenuership especially in rural areas so instead of targeting to go abroad you can setup your own business. Youth should first learn to respect every job equally then only development can happen.

We took an interview with three participants namely: Suyog Giri Nepal Engineering college, SubothAryal BBA student and Sujita Khatri BBA student. Their business idea was “ the Green Revolution” which is based on Management of biodegradable waste.

How was your experience?

” we had an awesome experience in this three day camp got change to learn much more and productive ideas. We understood the difference between real world and ideal world.

Your expections from Boot Camp and did you achieve it?

“Our expectation was to polish our ideas, make our idea realistic in order to reach to our vision and we are sure we got opportunity to learn more ( market strategy ,cost, design targeted market etc.) than what we had expected.

What is your future vision?

“our vision is to make city clean by managing the biodegradable waste  to produce bio gas likewise to set up own  Agro based industry, earn profit by providing service to the people ”

NYEF has always advocated for entrepreneurship and positive business thinking and it aspires to move forward with similar momentum to create a healthy ecosystem of aspiring as well as seasoned entrepreneurs to promote entrepreneurship and develop leadership in the Nepalese business arena.

By:Sangita Tiwari

Photo by: Sangeet Poudel


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