Why is this episode of ‘Sajha Sawal with Sher Bahadur Deuba’ perceived as ‘The Comedy Show with Deuba’ throughout the nation?

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This particular episode broadcasted last night has gone viral throughout social media, and has been trolled by different pages and people.

Kathmandu, July 3, 2017: This week’s BBC Sajha Sawal (translated into English as Common Questions), a weekly debate program between those in power and the common people, featured talks with the Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba. This particular episode broadcasted last night has gone viral throughout social media, and has been trolled by different pages and people.

Youths on social media are captioning the episode ‘Comedy Show with Deuba’ because of the unique responses from our Prime Minister on the questions from the audience. A youth was seen posting ‘Deuba is a work of art’ after watching the video, pinching satires over Deuba. The funniest clips have been selected and are being trolled. One of the videos featured the song ‘Kangaal bhaye janta naango vayera rashtra.

When asked about the withdrawal of impeachment motion against retired Chief Justice Sushila Karki and its underlying issues, Deuba replied, “Firta linu ko kaaran kei kuro vayo hola ni, ma vanna chahanna. Jabardasti ho ra? Bhitra kei kura huncha ni.” It gathered immense laughter from the hall.

Giving the background of the Oxford graduated leaders of Britain, a question was raised from the audience on when will the Prime Minister be the PM for the people and not just for the sake of being PM. Deuba’s response on this question is the most viral clip among all his responses. “Nepal ma jasto bidhyalaya cha testai bidhyalaya ma ta padhne ni, maile kaa bata Oxford lera aauni Nepal ma? Sabai kura tapaile chahe jasto bannu parcha vanne k cha? ” Deuba furiously replied. He added with sarcasm, “The parliament elected me with a majority. If I am not the choice of majority, are you?”

Deuba, taking a furious stance, had similar takes on almost all issues addressed by the audience. He mentioned, “Garula ni. Ke chha ra? Huncha bistarai.” Talking about the road issues of Nepal, he answered with uncertainty, “If the contractors say road construction can’t be completed within the stipulated time, then what can we do? I can only give a statement after further study and understanding.” Similarly, on the issues of demands of Dr. Govind Kc, Deuba said, “You don’t ask for stipulated time in diplomacy. I have already said I will talk about this.”

When a lady expressed that her little son wants to be the Prime Minister of Nepal because of the luxuries entitled for the PM, Deuba assured her he will surely be a PM. This gathered giggles from the audience lightening up the heated environment.

While many people in social media are criticizing Deuba for being a visionless leader and dodging the questions, some people are also praising him for giving them seizures of laughter. Many are also comparing him with Donald Trump, the president of the USA, who gains massive coverage for every controversial statement he makes. Some of them are also captioning Deuba as ‘Very truthful, never lying Prime Minister’ for the straightforward remarks he made.

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By Drishti Maharjan