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Essence of Holidays in my life


A holiday is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.”—Earl Wilson

Holiday is a specific leisure or recreation of certain period of time gap after a busy schedule. It varies from the work, task or certain things, which we are doing in our daily life every day. It also refers to the time of refreshment to maintain the people’s health physically as well as mentally because every time health comes first than other.
As a student we desperately wait for holidays to come which make us feel happy. So last time there was a winter vacation for half month in our college and one week holiday from my office. Thus after a very long period of time, I felt like I’m breathing well because I would get the time to refresh myself. Every day, I had to rush for my classes in the morning than for my work. After that, returning home with tiresome face and low energy was like a cycle of my day. But then, that holiday brought full time relax for next one week.

Back then I went in my maternal uncle’s house for a couple a day with my mother because my grandmother was sick. When my grandmother was well, our family had a trip to Chitwan for 5 days. When I was in Chitwan with my family, it brought me a different and positive vibes because I completely forgot my daily struggle from morning to night. I visited Chitwan national Park, CG temple, Maula Kalika and also a spectacular Narayanghat Bazar. We were enjoying the moments together while riding elephant, Jungle Safari, Visiting temple and shopping. After the memorable trip, we returned back to our home, rested and then the very next day woke up and went to my office .After a week I again had same daily routine but that holiday was unforgettable which even healed me mentally for better work and do well in future. Therefore, holiday is a much needed refreshment for both mind and body.

Holiday is really important in our life because we can comeback refresh in better form, ready to take the world and of course we can generally look better too. A healthy body, a good night sleep, fresh air, laughter and relaxation are the things that holiday offers.
Spending holidays for me is a way of exploring, gathering positive vibes, refreshment and precious time spent gives me a new version of me which make me something different and I can give my 100% even in workplace and my personal life. Holidays energizes me and is very important in my life.

– Anisha Ale Magar