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Europe Shares Have Risen Up


July 13, 2015: The Europe shares have risen up on Greece deal news. The Eurozone leaders have reached a deal on a third bailout for Greece so the shares in London and other key European markets have risen on.

The FTSE 100 gained 0.98%, or 65.34 points, to 6,738.72in the opening minutes. Likewise, Markets in France and Germany rose by 1.9% and 2.9% respectively. The shares in Asian markets were mostly up on hopes for a deal in earlier.However, the euro was little moved at $1.154 and 71.71p.

After a European Council President Donald Tusk said a bailout for Greece was “all ready to go” then the surge came. Similarly, the pound rose 0.17% against the euro to €1.3946 and was 0.16% higher against the dollar at $1.5539 on the currency markets.


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