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Where Everyone Is a Winner!

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Ratnanagar (Chitwan), Nov 1,2014: There is victory and defeat in every game, but do you know that there’s a game where everyone could emerges a winner?


It happens only in Special Olympics that is organized once every four year among the mentally disabled players to promote their special talent in sport.


Though the game awards every participant as a winner, only selected few can be a part of the game, for they have to go through various competitions in their home country for the selection.


The 8th edition of this game is slated to take place in America with a theme ‘Let them win else respect their efforts’. Some 200 Nepali players from 11 districts are vying for their selection at Chitwan from last Friday, informed Pavan Kumar Piya, Chitwan Chapter Chairperson of Special Olympics.


Earlier, players like Rabin Gurung and Malati Gyawali have brought home many awards participating in various games in the Special Olympics.


Many of the participants, despite their disability, have glorified Nepal in the World Special Olympics.


“I am hopeful that our players will bag medals in the next game too,” gold medalist Gyawali opined, “All it takes is an inspiration and regular practice.”


Nepali players are taking part in various games as marathon of 50, 100 and 200 metres and shot-put throw, shot ball throw and long jump under various age groups.

Dr Jytoi Serchan, Chairperson of Special Olympics Nepal, said that the disabled people could have special ability. So, we should spot their special talent and promote their talents instead of looking down upon them.



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