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Excavation Of Sand And Pebbles Banded During Monsoon In Jhapa


Kakarvitta (Jhapa), June 17: A ban has been put on excavation of sand and pebbles from rivers for next three months in Jhapa District Development Committee in the district.

According to Jhapa Local Development Officer Fanindra Dahal, the prohibition will apply from June 16 to September 17. he added that with the objective of protecting the environment of the Chure region and to avoid any river inundation,the government has been putting a halt on such excavation during the monsoon.The popular destination for excavation of construction materials including sand and stones are the Mechi, Ninda, Hadiya, Biring, Tangting, Ratuwa, Mawa among other rivers of Jhapa.

President of Nepal Construction and related Workers Association, Ninda river unit committee Ram Bahadur Rai says, this decision of the authorities will keep more than four thousand daily wage laborers out of work for three months so, the government must reconsider its decision.

Likewise, 4,000 tractors operating in Jhapa and Ilam districts will remain off the roads as a result of the prohibition, President of Eastern Nepal Tractors Association Santosh Meche saidand suggested to apply the decision only after mid-July.


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