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Excelling in Productivity showing gratitude

Evening hope

How much time does it take us to say “Thank you! You have done a wonderful job.” Not even 30 seconds right? But imagine the happiness that less than 30 seconds can bring on the faces of your employee or co-worker. It is nothing but just showing gratitude. We all talk about differences between boss and leader. One of the major factors which differentiates a boss from leader is showing gratitude.

How does Gratitude work?

According to the research of UC Davis psychologist Robert Emmons, the author of Thanks!: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier, showing gratitude in a regular basis and writing about it in a journal and reflecting upon it later can increase your well-being and satisfaction in life. It shows they are 25% happier and satisfied than usual people. Gratitude is one of the fastest tools for personal development and transformation. No matter how bad your mood is or how worse your life is going on writing about the things which feel grateful about can switch your mood to the world of happiness. It is the only medicine to get you out from stress and depression which does not have any kind of side effects. Alex Korb, Ph.D. writes, “Gratitude can have such a powerful impact on your life because it engages your brain in a virtuous cycle.” Hypothalamus and Dopamine which controls our feelings are highly affected by gratitude.

Why Gratitude in office?

In both corporate world and startups, job dissatisfaction and absenteeism is a common problem with direct impact on company finance and productivity. Gaining employees’ loyalty is the most difficult job for many companies. The major reason behind it is a lack of gratitude in the workplace, because loyalty is always followed by gratitude. Expecting excellence is human nature. There is nothing wrong in that. The thing is we forget to acknowledge and appreciate when a perfect result is obtained. Due to which people start to feel they and not valued in the company and stop giving full input to obtain 100% result in their work which results low productivity in long run. Along with that, it will help you maintain charm in the office with great bonding among employees, employer, and co-workers. Which will make you a true leader no matter if you are an employee, a team leader, department head or a boss. It will help you to maintain your and your office positive environment which will make you mentally fit and healthy.  It will prevent you from losing best employees.

How to cultivate seeds of gratitude?

Many people who are the ‘Boss’ think why to thank people for doing what they are paid for. Whereas many business ‘leaders’ use it as a business strategy. Gratitude lies in small things. It is not necessary that you throw bonus every month. It lies in small things like thank you, wonderful job. Now imagine if same person is appreciated for the good work he/she will try to give his/her best after assigned for a small task. You can thank them in person, appreciate for their project achievement in employees meeting, email them thanking and much more. Gratitude lies from acknowledging their talents and appreciating it. A simple thank you can change your company’s whole culture on different aspects like how seriously they take the works. Many companies show gratitude by celebrating the birthdays and anniversaries of their employees, which make the employees feel how important and valued are they to the company. Even if one has done any mistakes, recall an event from the past to show how amazing they used to and they delivered perfect work. This will not only motivate but also they will feel you remember about them.

How to prevent the habit of gratitude from being burden?

Accept it or not, stopping complaining and criticizing about people and problems is one of the easiest ways to make a bond with people which does not stay once you get into the path of gratitude. We all have negative thoughts from time to time and just showing gratitude only prevents us from expressing our emotions which in turn harms our own body health.

An overdose of anything can have consequences, and it too applies for gratitude. The principle of ‘more the better’ doesn’t apply here. If you start appreciating them for the wrong things, it won’t work. Gratitude must not be used to avoid serious problems inside the company. Problems must be addressed. It can have a reverse effect. Showing gratitude with the hope that you will get appreciated back can lead to the worst state of mind. Nobody likes cheesy person or brown-nose at office so we must be aware of gratitude and cheesy things. If not shown gratitude in nice and genuine manner you will be considered as a selfish person who keeps praising people to get his/her work done. People might think you are using them for your personal benefit instead of feeling appreciated if your way of showing gratitude is not in perfect manner.

So, we must show gratitude in a genuine way. Just saying ‘thank you’ is not the only way of showing gratitude. We must show gratitude by following the company norms and values. Appreciate and show gratitude to the people when needed according to time and situation in a nice manner.

By Ajay Pandey