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Exclusive Interview with Bikram Parajuli: Top 6 Finalist of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero 2019


Bikram Parajuli is an 18-year-old tech educator from Pokhara who is impassioned about teaching young minds about technology. Right after the completion of his +2 education, the 18-year-old pledged himself to actively engage as a tech educator and help the tech scenario of Nepal grow. He is the Winner of Coca-Cola Feri Uthne Cha Nepal 2019 and one of the Top 6 Finalist of Glocal Teen Hero 2019 and has been sharing his knowledge to the young people who are keen on technology sector.

He shared some words about him to Glocal Khabar during an exclusive interview after the event. The major highlights of the interview are given below:

Glocal Khabar: Can you share about your journey as Top 6 Finalist. How was the feeling to win “Coca- Cola Feri Uthne Cha Nepal 2019”? What do you recall the most?

Bikram: From the day I applied for Glocal Teen Hero, I was really excited about the result. When I saw my name on the list of Top 6 Finalist, I was so happy that I cannot even describe. After coming to Kathmandu, we were given various networking sessions for our personal growth and development. These kinds of training were really helpful for us. I basically learned to see things from a different perspective. The scheduled workshops, corporate visits and the session to understand their organizational structure and networking were really effective for me. We even got a chance to visit the manufacture place of Wai Wai, Coke, etc. which was indeed a different experience. The most inspiring moment for me was while visiting the youth organizations like AYON and YUWA where we were taught about the Role of Youth in Local Governance and Leadership and so on. I felt there are lots of issues about youth that we never thought of. So, those sessions were informative for all of us. Everything about the training was amazing and the goal-setting training by Mr. Ajay Pandey was really motivating. Those five days of training were one of the memorable moment of my life that I am going to cherish for my entire life. Not just the training, but the other friends I made during that time were also really inspiring and we were all living the best moment of our life.

Glocal International Teen Conference and Glocal Teen Hero event were one of the best event where I was part of. I got to meet and interact with many national and international delegates from different countries and it was wonderful experience. The three different panel discussion which were part of the conference was really amazing. I enjoyed a lot during the programme. Everything was well-organized.

We knew that the Winner of Coca-Cola Pheri Uthne Cha would be one among the Top 6 Finalist. Everyone were deserving and we were really excited about who would get the title. Before Glocal Teen Hero 2019 Announcement, My name was announced for Pheri Uthne Cha Award. I was really happy to receive that. That was such a wonderful experience and I would like to thank everyone for believing in me and giving me such amazing title. I was happy with the fact that I was recognized and I got many opportunities. I always want to do a lot better because hard work will surely pay off.

Glocal Khabar: How did your journey as a Tech Educator start? What kind of challenges did you face on your way?

Bikram: I had a deep interest in technology from a very young age, but I couldn’t cater to my interests because of the difficulties I faced as a student. I used the internet to learn myself about tech education and I found there are many young people who are curious about the subject and want to learn. Knowing the scenario, I felt I need to help the young tech enthusiasts hoping they wouldn’t have to face the similar problems I faced. I saw the lack of resources and credible educators to be the major hindrance in the process of learning. However, I explored the tech world with the wise use of Internet and later on, I started to help the interested students flourish in a competitive tech world by teaching them. I started my journey as an educator by teaching at Bal Mandir Secondary School of Pokhara, where I spent my school days. I taught Arduino, Robotics, and IOT as part of a project- Robocamp 2018. This project was initiated by ‘The Nepalions’, a community group he co-founded in 2017. My team conduct many programs on STEAM education and digital literacy. I also organized open classes and taught them to use internet wisely. I was really happy seeing elder students teaching to the younger ones which is a part of knowledge sharing. I believe if we initiate chain rule for change, we can create a dominoes effect, which is effective. If I can teach 20 students, these 20 can teach more 20 and the number can increase. So, in this way, we can bring ripple effect in the society.

I have also been actively working with American corner from where I teach young teenagers Robotics. Likewise, I work as a Maker mentor in Karkhana, an educational company which teaches young students STEAM with a hands-on learning approach. Through Karkhana, I have been able to reach community and private schools around Kathmandu where he teaches enthusiastic students about Robotics, 3D animation, game design, and paper engineering.

When I visited different school to teach the students about robotics, IOT, etc., they would question me about my capability and ask if I got any degree in this field. Since I had no degree in field of technology, it was difficult for me to convince people that I am capable.

But, I eventually did it because I was determined to share my knowledge with them.

Glocal Khabar: What is your plan after GTH 2019? What will you be working on?

Bikram: Academically, I want to pursue my education on software engineering. I am also planning to work as a tech educator for few more years and then aspires to open a startup company hopefully in the days to come. In addition to this, I want to open-source the project I have been working on and publish the guides and documents online. Likewise, many young minds are interested in Robotics lately, so I plan to create an open learning platform for a tech enthusiast.

Glocal Khabar: What message you would like to deliver to the youth?

Bikram: I will always work to share my learnings and knowledge to the youth. Rather than putting expectations, if you work with your heart, you can surely achieve success. I want to tell the youth to learn and share the knowledge in the community. Knowledge sharing is Powerful. And lastly, Rather than helping ourselves if we help other people, it will contribute towards our personal growth and development.