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Exclusive Interview with Deepshikha Ghimire: Finalist of GTH 2018


18 year old, Deepshikha Ghimire is Top 6 Finalist of GTH 2018 currently studying Psychology at Tribhuvan University. She is the President of a youth running group called AAYAM, member of National Youth Consulting team at Santosh Shah Foundation, team member of program organizing team of a forum called Association of Psychologist in Nepal, the General Member of Smart Club and the winner of Nepal’s Top 7 young poets.

And, above all, she is a writer who is the recipient of popular- नइ देरुनीखप्प बाल साहित्य पुरष्कार” for her remarkable contribution in child literature. She shared some words about her to Glocal Khabar during an exclusive interview after the event. 

Glocal Khabar: How was your journey as Top 6 finalists of GTH 2018?

Deepshikha: It was indeed a fruitful journey which created new chapters in my life. I got to meet recognized minded people which could be helpful for my future endeavors as well. It provided me the platform to meet with national and international teens who are doing commendable works to change their society. In fact, It extended the boundary of my network. For this, I’m thankful to GTH Team.Glocal Khabar: How did your journey as a writer start?

Deepshikha: I used to talk a lot. My family members were fed up with this habit of mine. In Dashain, the greatest festival of Hindu, some of the elder members of my family even used to give me the blessing by saying Tero Thutuno Samhaales (Shut your mouth). After that, I gave up speaking more and started transforming my feelings into words via writing.

I always used to dream to become the voice of voiceless. In order to express my ideas, I started writing at the age of 12. I was even able to publish a book named ‘Mero Gyanmandir’, a poetry collection at the age of 13. Honestly speaking, I was egoistic kind of person since my childhood. My friend accused me of the inability of writing the book in the Nepalese language which led me to publish a book of poetry collection named ‘Mero Gyanmandir’. This was when I officially stepped into writings.

Deepshikha’s parents said, “We are being always supportive of her decisions. Her recognition in Glocal’s 20 under 20 and Finalist of GTH have made us excited as well. She has always been determined and dedicated towards her duties and responsibilities.” 

Santosh Giri, her mentor at Leadership Academy mentioned, “Deepshikha is at the highest degree of self-motivation and it will lead her to success; the only thing she needs is patience. I would like to wish good luck in her future endeavors. She can be the precious wealth of the nation.”

Glocal Khabar: What are your plans after GTH 2018; what will you be working on?

Deepshikha: Well, after GTH I will continue what I have been doing for years. I will never stop writing for social change for which I have to travel to many places which are overshadowed by the nation. The recognition as GTH 2018 Finalist has, obviously, developed the sense of responsibility in me. Moreover, we have so many proposed projects in AAYAM which are soon to be executed.

Glocal Khabar: What is your message to the youths from all of your experience till now?

Deepshikha: You may get lots of hurdles from society and colleagues, but that is normal. People may object to your idea as useless, but the most important thing is you should never stop expressing yourselves. Those experiences of difficulties will be the reasons for your success. Primarily, never stop dreaming.

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Interviewed By: Pawan Bam