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Exclusive Interview with Prashansha KC: Winner of GTH 2018


Prashansha KC, a 17 years old Youtuber and Social Activist from Rukum won the ‘Glocal Teen Hero 2018’ this September. She not only loves working on filming and editing videos online but also aspires to advocate against kidnap marriage. On September of 2017, she, on the behalf of “World Experience Foundation” initiated and completed a project named “Eradication of Kidnap Marriage” to spread awareness against kidnap marriage and child marriage for 21 days in Rukum.

She is very keen to work for the educational uplift of the students in Mid-Western part of Nepal. Previously she used to teach English in a government school. She strongly believes that her efforts to eradicate the kidnap marriage will bring a distinct change in Nepalese society. Glocal Teen Hero 2018 shared some words about her to Glocal Khabar during an exclusive interview.

Glocal Khabar: How was your journey as Top 6 Finalist and then Winner of GTH 2018? What do you recall the most?

Prashansha: Being shortlisted as the Top 6 Finalist of GTH 2018 was unbelievable. The name in my list gave me goosebumps and added a feeling of hard work to perform better for winning the title. We get to meet the delegates, business people and had fruitful corporate visits. I loved the meets with the people that were contributing and working on bringing the impact in the society. We did have the cultural program with the international teens.”

I was not sure of winning the title but had confidence in my hard work after my Top 6 selection. I did have mixed emotions when my name was announced. Being a winner, I recall walking on the stage with more responsibility within myself to make my dream come true.

Glocal Khabar: How did your journey as a YouTuber and social activists start?

Prashansha: It all started when I went to cut the grass with my grandmother last September 2017 in Rukum. While we were cutting grasses, she started to sing a native Lok song which was amazing. With lyrics was so deep and mesmerizing I realized what we have is beautiful. These songs deserved to be put in the spotlight.  So, it was that moment when I realized that I’m going to make it all seen through my films. I started making videos 1 and a half years ago. I have always believed that I have something creative which I need to utilize in my life. Apart from that, I think I had lived long enough to realize that it is only creativity that makes me stand out from the crowd. Then took my camera and started to direct, film, narrate, edit, and write the script all on my own.

Her dad, Dev Bahadur K.C., said, “Prashansha always wanted to do something in her hometown Rukum. She developed the feeling of empathy for those people (kidnapped married people) at a very early age. She used to ask me to do something for them, for their betterment but I couldn’t do and I feel proud that my daughter is doing it which I never imagined and I am fully supporting her.”

Glocal Khabar: What is your plan after GTH 2018? What will you be working on?

Prashansha: I m currently working on two projects. One is about spreading the awareness against Kidnap Marriage and another is “A Word A Step Ahead” which is an educational project targeting the student of Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal. I am looking forward to shooting a lot of documentaries during my projects regarding different issues in the society. And I will also work on vlogging from my personal level. 

Glocal Khabar: What is your message to youths from all of your experiences till now? 

Prashansha: The dream you once dreamt of thinking it is impossible gets true after a lot of hard works and steps you took on implementing it and grabbing opportunities that come to you. So never stop dreaming and working on your dream. GTH 2018 gave me that opportunity to make my dream come true.

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Interviewed By: Adarsh Dotel