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Exclusive Interview with Rachin Kalakheti: Top 6 Finalist of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero 2019


Rachin Kalakheti is a young Technopreneur from Makwanpur who believes technology can be used for the greater good of humanity. Founder of a software start-up Videha Ltd, Rachin, is a 17-year-old tech enthusiast working on different tech projects relating to health and education-related sectors. He is one of the finalists of Glocal Teen Hero 2019.

He shared some words about her to Glocal Khabar during an exclusive interview after the Glocal Teen Hero 2019 event. The major highlights of the interview are given below:

Glocal Khabar: Can you share about your journey as Top 6 Finalist. What do you recall the most?

Rachin: The selection on top 20 was itself a huge achievement for me. I wasn’t sure if I would be selected as Top 6 Finalist. I had no excitement at all because I thought I would not be selected. The call from Ms. Ranju Magar, Project Assistant of Glocal Teen Hero actually made me shocked because she congratulated me for being selected as Top 6 Finalist. Then, I was happy, and she also informed me about the training that we needed to go. I was excited and after we all finalist met; our trainings started. Firstly, we were taken to Wai Wai factory and different other corporate houses. While visiting these corporate houses, I learned about the organizational structure and had deep learning about the requirements to open the company. That was really necessary because we all had queries how an organization function. We were clarified after the visit. We also visited different organizations like YUWA, AYON and learned skills about leadership, voting rights, the role of youth in government and so on. Likewise, the goal-setting session by Mr. Ajay Pandey was really effective for all of us. We also received words of inspiration from Mr. Asish Thakur, Executive Director of Glocal Pvt. Ltd and that also motivated us a lot. I personally loved the networking sessions that we were part of. Moreover, the most interesting time was when meeting different renowned personalities from different field. I get a positive vibe when I meet such inspirational personalities. I also felt charged and I realized I also can do good thing and be like those personalities one day. After 6 days of training, I was mentally prepared to work actively for my project as it developed the feeling of dedication and motivation onto myself. I felt like my mindset was completely changed and it was changed for good.

Top 6 Finalists all spended 6 golden days together. We were all close and the ideas we shared; the bond that was developed can’t be expressed in words. Those were special moment for everyone because we all were celebrating victory and friendship together. Everyone was from different field but meeting 4 Finalist among 6 with a knowledge of Technology, made a great impact for me. I was able to learn many things from them. Likewise, Bidhi and Supriya were from different field, but it felt good listening their stories of change and also their perspective. It was fun knowing them and really memorable. The programme overall was informative and we also met many friends from abroad. We shared our opinions, ideas and had a healthy learning environment. The event was not just normal, but a grand event where we encountered many renowned personalities and it felt really awesome.

Glocal Khabar: How did your journey as a Technopreneur start? What kind of challenges did you face on your way?

Rachin: Initially, I got introduced into the tech world when I was in grade 3 when we used to video chat with my relatives who lived abroad. We used to go cyber for video calling, and it was when I was so curious about how video calling can be done. Since Technology helped me communicate with my relatives who lived so far away, I was very intrigued about its mechanism as we could communicate despite the distance. We didn’t have that much of resources to cater my interest in technology when I was young. After I got laptop on grade 5, I started playing games and I developed an interest to create games. I was immensely interested in game development at first which made him want to learn programming in 8th grade. I was proficient in programming by the age of 15. After some tinkering in game development, I thought I should explore other areas of tech as games wouldn’t be as productive. My passion to help people made me realize that my skills could be used to help other people other than gaming. As a student, it was difficult for me to balance the time of studies and game development. However, I didn’t let my passion go in vain.

I was always concerned about the education and health scenario of Nepal. So, I started to wonder how I could help the education and health sector of Nepal grow with the help of technology. After some thinking, I started a project. Currently, I am working on a device that detects diseases like skin cancer and brain stroke for diagnosis. I am working to create a complete diagnostic system with the use of technology. Furthermore, I am also trying to build an interactive simulator (E-app) which connects real life with AI for education purposes.

I think Nepal has a lot of problems in terms of AI and technology. The lack of resources in Nepal is a bit frustrating for tech enthusiasts. Likewise, the ones who sell those resources do not have extensive knowledge about the resources. So, we must do a lot of research about the machines ourselves. Personally, I had difficulty in taking studies with my projects. So, I consider it to be the major challenge I faced as a student.

Glocal Khabar: What is your plan after GTH 2019? What will you be working on?

Rachin: I will be working on my diagnostic system. And apart from that, I will be focused more on the education sector, by finding ways to make Nepal’s education effective by creating different software. I will use technology for the development of education system.

Glocal Khabar: What message you would like to deliver to the youth?

Rachin: I think the main problem in youth these days is procrastination. They are not working on time. Therefore, a youth must understand the value and essence of time and should do the things they are truly passionate about. Likewise, if you are thinking of initiating something, you can do it quickly and be ready to face the challenges and failures as well. Because, as it is said, “Early Bird Catches the Worm” the one who fails does stand strong and experienced and the next step is going to be a success.