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Exclusive Interview with Saugat Tiwari: Finalist of GTH 2018


Saugat Tiwari, 19, Top 6 Finalist of Glocal Teen Hero 2018  is a young and aspiring entrepreneur of Chitwan district. He is an engineering student of United Technical College, Chitwan as well as Founder and CEO of ‘Timro Group’. Through the company, they provide a delivery service for e-commerce through Timro Express. He is also a motivational speaker of Smart Startup Group for entrepreneurship. ‘Timro Kawadiwaala’ and ‘Timro Express’ are the two initiatives of his company. ‘Timro Kawadiwaala’ is associated with waste management whilst ‘Timro Express’ is an E-Commerce delivery service. He shared some words about him to Glocal Khabar during an exclusive interview.

Glocal Khabar: How was your journey as Top 6 Finalist? What do you recall the most?

Saugat: My journey as Top 6 Finalist was amazing. First, when I found out that I was selected as a finalist, I was shocked and blown away. In those six days, I met 5 amazing outgoing people and we spent together visiting different corporate offices and institutions like Chaudhary Group, Toyota motors were the one that I can recall the most. It was very inspiring to hear how they started those companies here in Nepal. I got to learn things that would have taken years to learn.

Glocal Khabar: How did your journey as an Entrepreneur start?

Saugat: My journey started when he bought a fidget spinner from an e-commerce website in Kathmandu. The fidget spinner that I booked through one of the online portals came into my hands within 2 hours of booking.  Inspired by this amazing event, I dreamt of spreading E-commerce market in Chitwan as well.  By the time I was 18, I decided to establish a company called ‘Timro Group’. And now ‘Timro Group’ is working actively in Chitwan, Pokhara, Hetauda, Dharan and Itahari providing employment opportunities to 10 energetic youths. ‘Timro Express’ is now working with the top stores of Nepal like Hifashion, Bivuti, Newmew, Pasalshop and many more.

Timro Kawaadi Wala is another start-up which focuses on solid waste management. Seeing the busy lifestyle, urbanization and unmanaged waste in Chitwan I wanted to do something for the better environment. This led me and my team to initiate a startup and be the mediator between the trash collector and local people in collecting recyclable wastes.

Apart from my companies, I’m actively involved in inspiring teens and youths towards entrepreneurship. For this, I’m coordinating a startup meet- up in Chitwan which is being organized by Smart Group Nepal. Moreover, I’m also key motivational speaker of Smart Startup Group in which I have motivated more than 1500 youths.

Glocal Khabar: What is your plan after GTH 2018? What will you be working on?

Saugat: Well after GTH, we are going to organize different programs for youth. I am also working to grow my companies ‘Timro Express’ and ‘Timro Kawadi Wala’ in various areas around Chitwan by adding more service. We are also looking forward to construction.

Saugat’s mentor Bishal Bhattarai said, “Saugat has been a very essential partner of mine since we initiated Start-Up Club together. He is an energetic person having leadership skills and an impact full person.”

His mother said, “The work of Saugat has made all of us proud. He has been giving his most time on his project ‘Timro Express’ and ‘Timro KawadiWala’ which are very popular in our hometown and they are expanding it to other cities too. We’ve been very supportive since the beginning. Even though his age is just 19, he has done things that an average 19 years don’t have the courage to do.”

Glocal Khabar: What is your message to youths from all of your experiences till now?

Saugat: Do come out from your comfort zone and see yourself what you are able to do. It’s not just important to bring new startups, it’s also very important to show people how they can be an influence on the economy and youth. Progress happens when you think out of the box and come out of the comfort zone.

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By: Aadarsha Dotel