Sushil Sitaula is An extremely talented actor of Nepali Movie Industry and very down to earth.  His debut movie was Hostel Returns. And the other movies he did were ‘Saayed 2’, ‘Suntali lai bhagai lagyo Jhilkele’, ‘Ranbir’ and ‘Gaja Baja’. He was awarded with NFDC Best Debut Actor (Male) for his movie Hostel Returns. In the process of the conversation with Sushil Sitaula, we asked him certain questions.

1. How is life going on? What projects are you currently involved in?

Life is going well. I am going easy and just following my daily routine. I have no movie offer in the moment, yet, I am preparing myself for good project. After the last project Ranveer, I was able to identify my strengths and weakness. I am working hard to come up with the next project but I think it will take time because I am still exploring and have a long way to go. I am waiting patiently for getting a project which is going to enhance my acting skill and give me recognition. I believe that I am struggling and learning at a same time.

Currently, I am not involved in any projects.

2. How did you have your first break in Nepali Movie Industry?

I was always inclined towards acting which eventually became my passion and I felt I was meant to be an actor. I went India to pursue acting course and returned after completion of my course. I then experience working in plays and dramas and at a time felt that it’s time to face camera. Eventually, I got to know about the film maker Mr. Sunil Rawal, who was giving chance to the young and new talent in his upcoming movie Hostel Return. As soon I knew, I texted him saying I was interested to perform in his movie. Then Mr. Rawal called me and asked me to give an audition. I appeared and made it. Hence, I was successfully selected as a side actor in a humorous role. My first movie gave me recognition somehow and then I got to work in other movies too.

3. What drove you to land in the entertainment industry, Nepali film industry? 

I was really crazy for Hollywood movies and I used to watch movies whole night and go college being drowsy. I always felt some kind of connection with movies and acting and eventually I wanted to explore. So my keen interest towards acting and the passion for movies made me step in the Nepali Movie Industry. Apart from that, I have my family who is my backbone and my biggest supporters too.

4. What kind of acting roles do you enjoy the most? Which roles has been your favorite among the film you have played? What roles are you seeking in future?

I enjoy every roles given to me. I just enjoy the feeling that people are going to go to see me in the big screen playing a role of an imaginary character and loving it. The one thing I learned the most about acting is it takes a tremendous amount of courage to go there and stand still. It takes courage and guts to step out of your comfort zone and express feelings on a fictional character.

For me, acting comes straight from the heart. In that sense I don’t act at all. I think that to feel the character’s pain, joy, humor etc., I have to be myself. Somewhere audiences see that.

I did 4 movies till date. They are Hostel Returns which was my debut movie, Suntali lai Bhagai Lagyo Jhilkele, Gaaja Baja and Ranveer. Every characters I depicted has its own specialty and importance in my life. However, my role in Ranveer was something which was very different than the other roles. In this movie I was able to show versatilities and also I was known for my action. Also I love the script. In Ranveer I could actually show my acting skills, and the comments I received really made me feel good. The audience loved this transistion from a humorous guy in hostel to action and stiff actor in Ranveer.

In future, I would love to try variation in characters and give my Best. I have many thoughts regarding characters. I want to try mind changing realistic movies. Nepali movie industry introduced me to this audience and now I feel I am the one who need to work hard to meet the expectations of my supporters and my well-wishers and. I really hope to return back with a bang.

5. How was the experience when you were awarded as the best debut actor?

I cannot describe that feeling. I was more than happy because I was awarded best actor for my debut movie. I was thankful to my director, producer and audience for the immense love and support. I felt it was a good start and I need to work harder now.

6. What is the current status of Nepali Film Industry?

The condition of Nepali Movie Industry is not so great. There are different things that lags in this industry. Firstly, we don’t have good budget to invest in Nepali Films because the success rate of any movie is less and it takes courage for producer to make films. Even if the films are made, the picture quality is not that great. Moreover, we have less audiences who watch Nepali movie, also lack of good policies in movie industry is another hindrance. So yes, I feel there is space for improvement.

However, the quality of movies these days are improving and the craze among youth towards Nepali Movie is also increasing.

7. Where do you see Nepali Movie Industry after 10 years?

10 years is a less time for this industry to develop. However, after 10 years, I believe many cinema halls will be open. I believe we will be able to shoot films with the new technologies, filming patterns and the quality of photography, cinematography and lot more improvement can be seen. I am hopeful the audience will be aware and appreciate Nepali Movies even more in coming days.

8. What would be your suggestions to the youngsters who are willing to come in this field?

I want to tell youth to come with inner interest to become an actor. It’s difficult to sustain in this industry, you need to struggle hard. You need is patience and dedication and yes one thing to remember is money shouldn’t be a priority for an actor. Whatever role you get, an actor needs to give their 100% to justify it. Enjoy your work. If you are satisfied, if acting makes you happy, do it, act it. Lastly you should have self-confidence and strong determination.

– Saru Pyakurel