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An exemplary teen dreaming to be youngest municipal mayor in Jhapa: Narayan Gautam


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17-years-old Narayan Gautam is not an unheard name in Jhapa district of Nepal.

After completing school education from Kankai Secondary School, a community school, Gautam is currently pursuing class 12 at Kanakai Multiple Campus in Humanity stream.

But, he is not only a student. He is a teenager who is doing a lot for the greater good of the society apart from the regular study.

His journey into social work began as early as 2013 when he became the president of Ekta Child Club. At a very young age, Narayan himself took the initiation to form the club with a mission of bringing all the children from the area together for the social good.

He is a social activist who is working mainly for children and youth. Through his involvement in various child and youth clubs, he is on the path of social service.

Currently, he is working as the President of Kanakai Municipal Child Network, since 2014. Also, he is working as the Charter Executive member of Kanakai Municipal Child Welfare Board, Vice President of Leo Club of Kanakai Surunga, member of Surunga Youth Club, member of New Relimai Youth Club, and executive member of Whitewash Cricket Club.

Narayan has also conducted training programs for Child-Friendly Local Governance (CFLG) in different schools of Jhapa district. Along with this, he has been teaching 27 students relating from low-income level groups of families free of cost.

He is also a reporter of Radio Vision 91.6 MHZ, Birtamode. He is also known as a successful anchor and public speaker.

In the context of Nepal, Parents are busy in their works and business. Children are not getting perfect guidance. As we all know, teenagers can’t build their career on their own if no guidance is provided. “I’ve been working in child development program since 2013. I have played a role to improve the situation of children in my locality,” Gautam shares.

He has worked as a trainer in Leadership Development, awareness programs on HIV AIDS and sexual and reproduction health, along with various life skills training. He has also conducted life-skill based peer-education training.

After he became the president of Municipal Forum, all the budgets for children welfare which used to remain unused or misused before, have started to be properly used for children’s purpose only.

Gautam considers nation builders like Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln as his role models. He has been inspired by his role models and now he is becoming idol for many teenagers.

He is a self-confident person and can communicate and present among a mass of people. “My main strength is I can easily I can easily motivate people, almost in an instant. This is the biggest strength of me,” shares Gautam.

He has a dream to become a lawyer and work more for social welfare.

Gautam wants to be one of the best motivator and trainer in the future. “I see myself as the mayor of my Municipality in the duration of next 5 years, the post that gives me more opportunity for serving my municipality,” he shares with optimism.

Narayan Gautam was selected among the 20 brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers below the age of 20 in Nepal, for the year 2017. This annual list is the ultimate honor roll of young game changers reshaping Nepal for the better. The platform seeks to encourage the youths to share their initiation, creativity, and enthusiasm which will then motivate them and more of the other youths in the nation to develop an entrepreneurial thinking.