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Exodus to India for employment

Locals of northern Bajura heading to India for jobs after drought destroyed their crops, in Bajura, on Sunday.

Dhangadhi, December 2, 2016: With the end of harvest season and the Dashain and Tihar festivals, a huge number of people from hilly districts of the mid and far-west regions are heading towards India in search of jobs.

Police at Trinagar Police Office, Kailali, said that most youths from the western regions had left for India looking for jobs.

According to border police, a huge number of youths are heading to different cities in India for jobs through the border points at Mitranagar and Gadda.

Nande Budha of Bajura said that he was heading to India as the paddy had been harvested and there was nothing else to do in the village. He said as many as 25 to 30 young people have been leaving for India from his village daily.

People aged 16 and 40 from the hilly districts of Doti, Dadeldhura, Bajhang, Achham, Mugu, Humla, and Kalikot have reportedly left for India due to lack of employment opportunities in their districts.

The number of people leaving the country for foreign jobs has reportedly increased since the end of November.

DSP Dilip Singh Bhandari at the District Police Office, Kailali, said that men and women alike were leaving for jobs in India.

Tek Bahadur Rokaya of Kanda VDC, Bajura, said that there was no one in the village to take patients to hospitals as most youths had left for India.