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expert talks about perfect makeup for summer


June 16, 2015: Summer is full of pleasures —when it comes to summer, melting makeup, smeared eyeliner, and super-sticky lipstick are most common mess. To get the right makeup during summer, is a tough task for women, but keeping some factors in mind can help.

Makeup artist Rishab Khanna, who has styled some of the prominent Bollywood faces, suggests some quick tips:

1. Wear a primer after moisturising your face and before foundation. This will hold your foundation better and for a long time.

2. Instead of foundation, use tinted moisturiser that has SPF in it. This will make you feel light on the face while it is hot and steamy outside and protect you from the sun.

3. Instead of a thick layer of lipstick, use bright and fresh colours on your lips. Use bright coloured lip balms and lip shades. These will add colour to your face.

4. Avoid heavy cakey blush. If you love bronze, use bronzer on high points of your face to get a sun-kissed look.

5. For eyes, wear a gel liner with water proof mascara so that it stays in place even if you sweat. Put on some powder eyeshadow with an on top of the liner to make it stay intact for long.

6. Use a light foundation for your neck and shoulders so that it does look different from your face. Keep it light and always use a SPF sunscreen.


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