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Experts see no alternative to hydro electricity


Kathmandu, December 2, 2015: Energy experts have asserted that there was no alternative to developing renewable energy system like the hydro-electric power in order to increase public access to clean energy in the country.

In a seminar organized by the Youth Alliance for Environment in association with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) here today, the energy experts also underscored the mobilization of young leaders in the development of energy.

The seminar is aimed at educating various student unions’ leaders on current fuel crisis in the country and measures to end such crisis impeding the country’s overall development.

Dr Amritman Nakarmi of the Institute of Engineering claimed that the current fuel crisis was the result of country’s complete dependency on fuel import from other countries.

Dr Nakarmi was of the view that the country would gain independence on energy within four years if we are to save mineral oil and invest Rs 500 billion every year annually.

He suggested the student union leaders should pile pressure on the government towards developing the hydro electricity so as to make country self-reliant on energy.

Similarly, Santoshmani Nepal, Director of Policy and Support, WWF spoke of the need for the country to impart knowledge to the general public about the provisions on utilization of natural resources, rights and management in the new constitution.

On the occasion, Sanat Adhikari of Alliance shared many such events will be conducted in days ahead to impart knowledge on the natural resources, economic development and various aspects related to public’s livelihood.

The participating student leaders expressed their commitment univocally towards prompting self-reliance and economic development.



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