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Expired Goods Found At Store In Housing Estate


KATHMANDU,28 OCT 2014 – Even fancy shops located inside housing estates have been found to be selling substandard products, said the Department of Commerce and Supply Management (DoCSM).

Debunking conventional thinking that such unscrupulous business practices were limited to retail outlets on the streets and alleys of teeming Kathmandu , a monitoring team dispatched by the department on Monday seized a large quantity of such products from a store located inside Comfort Housing, Sitapaila.

As per the department, the inspection team seized 388 packets of expired biscuits of various brands like Orio, Jackrack, Tiger, Bonbon, Goodlife Crakies, Goodday and Butter Cracker.

DoCSM Director Purushottam Subedi said they inspected the shop after receiving complaints from customers. “Most of these shops have been neglecting the expiry date on the packed food items,” said Subedi, adding that the department planned to check similar outlets operating inside other housing and apartment blocks too.

Subedi said the shop had also been operating without being registered with the proper authorities. “We have asked the shop owner to present himself with a clarification within a week,” he said.

This is the first time that the DoCSM has inspected shops inside housing complexes. Subedi suspects that many shops inside other housing areas too have been conducting business without being registered. He added that the department was planning to check out shops inside residential colonies too.

Earlier, the DoCSM had caught the food courts at a number of multiplexes selling substandard products. The food courts at the multiplex, where visitors are not allowed to bring food with them, had been found selling low quality foodstuff besides charging exorbitant prices.

Subedi said they were still receiving a large number of complaints against such food courts at multiplexes. According to him, the department has planned to conduct aggressive monitoring of outlets in such areas that remained largely unchecked in the past.

Source: eKantipur


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