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Export Of Yarshagumba Decreases


Myagdi, June 27, 2015: The collection of Yarshagumba has decreased in Myagdi this year, the district had exported a total of 23 kilogrammes of Yarsha last season but so far only seven kgs have been collected, as per district forest office.

District forest officer Ajaya Bikram Manandhar said that the low collection has been attributed to rainfall as well as lack of timely melting of the snow.

However, the collectors say that the new policy of every collector to make an Identity Card from this year discouraged the collection.Entrepreneurs have to pay Rs. 10,000 per kg as revenue to the local authority.

Furthermore, the herb entrepreneur Jhak Bahadur Chantyal said, buyers have not reached the village due to the earthquake. The collection of precious herbs are done from Gurja, Mudi, Lulang, Malkbang, Kuinemang, Chimkhola and Dana VDCs of the district.


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