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Facebook approaches to launch a new shopping feature!!


02 November, 2015: Instagram has been one effective social media to launch a “shop now” platform. Likewise, Facebook; the social media behemoth has announced its goal to exist as a top shopping destination. 

What can be expected is, first up, a “Shopping” bookmark. It will fall under the “More” tab and will consist of products that are based on a user’s previously “liked” pages. According to the sources, the reports say that “the products on the Shopping bookmark will be culled from the businesses that have begun testing the Shop section on individual pages, starting with apparel and accessories. The difference is that all the products will appear in one place.”

In other words, Facebook expect to provide a major shopping convenience for the Facebook users. 

The second shopping feature is Canvas, an “immersive” ad format that is currently being tested. Accordingly, a full-screen shopping window in which you’re able to skim through and pick colors, sizes, styles and so on before visiting the retailer’s actual website. The testing of the platform is begun.

This new launch of Facebook adds convenience for the Facebook users and an enhanced way for the retailers to engage customers. It can be said one other way for Facebook to generate revenue. The E-marketer senior analyst, Catherine Boyle stated that, “The more services Facebook is successfully able to offer consumers via their mobile app, the bigger the role they’ll play in consumers’ everyday lives, which leads to more revenue-generating opportunities for Facebook in the long-term.”


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