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Facebook shuts down 1 million accounts per day


August 30, 2017: Facebook turns off more than 1 million accounts a day as it struggles to keep spam, fraud and hate speech off its platform, its chief security officer has informed.

Still, the sheer number of interactions among its 2 billion global users means it can’t catch all “threat actors,” and it sometimes removes text posts and videos that it later finds didn’t break Facebook rules, said Alex Stamos.

Political leaders in Europe this year have accused it of being too lax in allowing terrorists to use Facebook to recruit and plan attacks.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said the company will hire 3,000 extra workers to monitor and remove offensive content.

“The number of accounts turned off every day is (in the) seven figures or eight figures,” Stamos said from the stage, with some fraudsters attempting to create thousands of accounts at once.