Failure: A Step Further to Success


    The sweetest victory is the one that is most difficult. To achieve the greatest success in life, one should embrace the prospect of failure. Failure may sound obstructive but it is the only way to change our life to good and for the best. It is an opportunity given to us so that next time we can be more attentive and alert while chasing our dreams of success. Every people have encountered failure in their life. No matter what the cases be, every failure steps whether small or big, it is the learning process. 

    Everyone has to suffer to reach their made target and to get favorable result for which one should work with great effort. There are lots of success stories we’ve heard where a person cannot meet their target without the presence of one or two failure stories. When we take a closer look at renowned and famous people like the inventors, the explorers and the pioneers, they embrace failure as a necessary steps to great success. Like for example: Michael Jordan was once taken out of basketball match during his high school because his coach thought he was not good enough. On behalf of that incident, he became the world’s best basketball player today. Failure teaches us to become more stronger and focused about our goals and missions. Success does not only come in the form of greatest victory but is hidden is small things as well. Maintaining a positive attitude can differ a lot in the type of success you achieve. No matter what you encounter, you will be able to find lessons and experiences and continue to push forward. Here are the four reasons why failure is very important to gain success:

    It gives you new opportunity:

    Failure is an opportunity for us as it gives us a chance to learn from our mistakes and correct them. It shows us the way to do things differently. Once a person is alert about the mistakes and the flaws they make, they get an opportunity to utilize their failure lesson into something good and effective. It is an opportunity for us as it helps us in recognizing our weaknesses and strengths. When one is alert about their downfalls then they get to utilize their time doing something worth rather than doing things that give no result at all. Not every struggles have negative result some are there to teach us a lesson for life.

    It helps in reaching potentials:

    Failing is one thing that  gives you the strength to know your potential. Knowing self potentialities helps in grabbing next opportunity at the right moment. Before our aims get to the point of success failure are always a step ahead and trying to overcome them help to know the self potentials which will open the way to success. Lot of people take time to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. It’s not easy as well but going through failure gives you an idea of good and bad things you like to do and you don’t like to. Most importantly it shows you the things that you are capable of doing and build your potentials.

    It helps in maintaining positive attitude:

    When you have passed the phase of failure we will know what life has in stock for you. It will end up leaving you totally fearless. Then you will start to erase the fear of failure and gives you the positive thoughts towards the success and life. It helps in making success interesting:- once you achieve the success you will see your courage and strength. You can stand as a motivative character for the younger one who can look up to. It makes your hard work worth the pains you bared to get  your victory.

    It helps in bringing up new ideas:

    Once you fall down it teaches you to think twice before you wake up not to fall again. It develops of new ideas in your mind. You’d already be aware about the matter that made you fail but it gives you a new chance to think in a different way and to bring up new ideas. Before we used to work without thinking but after the failure strikes your way you will learn to think twice before you commit to start new things.Rather than taking failure negatively we should take it as a opportunity.

    At last, failure teaches a lesson for life while success becomes the lesson. They two can change the prospect, vision and concept of a person towards life. Knowing that success stories often begin with failure, you should view it as a learning of life. One should not be afraid to move new steps ahead. It is a seed of growth. It makes a person capable of fighting with any circumstances that comes by. Failure teaches a person about their passion. If you are surrounded with positive attitude then success won’t take time to reach your destination.

    By: Januka Dhodari