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Fall season fashion !!

Autumn scenery and blond beauty

30 October, 2015: Summer is long gone; fall season is to settle now. If you are a procrastinator then that may be a problem when it comes to fashion. Since we are in the capital city, we do have a bit of stature for winter fall trends.

Thought the weather isn’t completely turned into cold, there are couples of ways that we can revamp our wardrobe from now. And a great start would know the season’s colors and patterns.

This fall calls for neutrals, bold colors and even certain pastels. You can even go for the animal print trend to embrace the season fashion.

The season can be a great time to layer your outfits. Layering adds more dimensions and is quiet simple to do. You can opt for a long cardigan, over a mid-length skirt; even adding a scarf. You can even mix up with different colors because there are endless possibilities to go wrong.

Here are some top five fashion pieces; you need to add to your wardrobe this fall season.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket has always been favorites among all. Anyone can rock a leather jacket if it is styled in the right way.  I love to pair a leather jacket with dark jeans, boots and a scarf. A leather jacket can even be teamed with summer outfit; with a mid-length skirts or a white shirt. There are so many different ways to style a leather jacket that there’s no way you can go wrong with having one in your closet.


There is nothing better than a cardigan. This piece can be styled up depending on what you’re going for. A cardigan can be dressed up over a mid-length skirt; even adding a scarf. Pair it with a boot or casual flats.

Ankle boots and long boots

Ankle Boots and long boots need to be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe this season. A good pair of boots can be worn with an array of outfits. These outfits can range from a short dress, skirt, leggings or even jeans.

Knitted beanie caps

I love beanie caps. It’s a fashion piece that gives warm and soft look to your style. A good cap has the ability to pull together an outfit. My favorite way to wear a beanie caps is with a dress, long cardigan, scarf and a pair of booties.


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